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Ukraine Delegation Visits Taiwan Seeking Support for Postwar Reconstruction

Zelensky, who is in a war with Russia, is going to Taiwan, who is about to get taken by China, to ask for money. Meanwhile, China and Russia are best buds.

And we’re funding/buying into all of this shit.


A delegation from Ukraine arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, hoping to secure assistance from Taiwanese firms to rebuild in the aftermath of the Russian invasion.

The delegation was led by Mykola Tkachenko, CEO of ProZorro, the Ukrainian government’s procurement system. ProZorro was established after the ouster of Ukraine’s fabulously corrupt pro-Russian President Victor Yanukovych in 2014 with the goal of creating a more transparent and open system for government purchases that would be less prone to corruption. “Prozorro” means “transparency” in Ukrainian, and the system also established an oversight board called “Dozorro,” or “watchdog.” more here

SNIP: Transparency??? Watchdog??? ROTFLMAO!

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  1. I am a proponent of Double Tap, Every gun owner should be a proponent.

    Russia has strategically destroyed Ukraine’s economy, medical facilities, energy, supply chains, ports, entire cities, housing, 10s of thousands of Ukrainian troops and civilians.

    Russia’s military strength, resolve, troop commitment levels, and war-fighting strategies all lead to destruction of war fighting ability of Ukraine and attacking the psychological resolve of the population supporting Ukraine’s fighting ability (including populations and governments of NATO).

    The Nato allies’ populations appear to have withdrawn popular support for what seems to be an endless war in Ukraine. Resources provided for Ukraine’s war are at the expense of every Nation’s Taxpaying public and the needs of their Nation.

    How long will the “west” throw their funding and resources toward a never ending war.
    What has the United States learned over the last 7+ decades from our past experiences? How much did we spend in lives and resources during Futile endless wars?
    Endless Wars didn’t work then, why would it work now?

    “Naïveté is doing the same thing over and over, and always expecting the same result.” ~ Niels Bohr

  2. Regan & Gorbachev had an agreement.

    The West started pushing the Ukraine against Russia within a few years of that.

    NEWLAND has served under: CLUNTON, G Dubya Bush, Barky, FIRED by TRUMP, Re-Installed by JOEY SHITPANTS.

    I AM NOT on RUSSIA’S SIDE but if you poke the Bear….

    And the tax payers of the west are all paying for it as we drive Iran, ChYnA, & Iran into eachothers loving arms.

    All as the barbarians collect welfare from within.


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