Underwater Manta Ray Drone – IOTW Report

Underwater Manta Ray Drone

Pentagon Contractor Completes Manta Ray Underwater Drone Prototype.

GP: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has raised eyebrows in the last several years for projects such as its Advanced Plant Technologies (plants that spy) and ReSource Program (which aims to turn trash into food).

If you have never heard of DARPA, it’s a research agency of the United States Department of Defense that creates innovative and cutting-edge technology for the U.S. military.

One of DARPA’s latest projects is the Manta Ray Project. more

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  1. Oh, please, DARPA. The next thing we know is you’ll be claiming that DARPA invented autonomous submarines and the “autonomous underwater vehicles” (AUV’s) of 45-50 years ago.

    I would like to see your latest sensors, however. 🙂

  2. Mostly DARPA throws money at the Universities and Colleges.
    I don’t know if any DARPAmite is even conscious – probably AI or LI (Lacking Intelligence).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I hope they built it sturdy enough for mating season.

    The real deal is actually quite an amazing creature. Occasionally they’ll blow strait up out of the water about 15 feet.

  4. Facebook originated as a DARPA project, designed to circumvent privacy concerns by getting people to share intimate details of their lives voluntarily, making it open-source intelligence ripe for the harvest.

  5. I’m tired of seeing money wasted on sh*t like this.
    If somebody fuc*s with us, nuk’em, nuk’em hard, nuk’em over and over.
    Then send everybody that works for the EPA over there to clean up the mess.
    Two birds with one stone kinda stuff.

  6. Well, those critters only live in tropical and sub tropical waters. The don’t go where it’s cold. So when they show up off the Russian coast it’s going to look suspicious. Over all a really stupid idea. Especially for the amount of money spent. Also Sandia National Labs is DOE not DOD. Why would the be involved with this. On a side note I’ve done work for Sandia. Dumbest engineering group we’ve ever run into.

  7. OK, I’ll bite.
    Just what kind of energy does it “harvest” and how does it do it?

    As a fantasy side note, I live on the Florida Gulf Coast near well used beaches up and down Sarasota County. I’d kind of like to have one of these gizmos and try to find out just how much stark terror I could generate with something as simple as gluing a dorsal fin on it and running it up and down just offshore. Fun!

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