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Up next: Monkey Pox

USSA News: Massachusetts health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first human case of monkeypox on Wednesday, in an adult male that had recently traveled to Canada

It is the first confirmed U.S. cases of the virus this year, and the first since a man in Texas was hospitalized with it last summer.

Infections are more common in central and west Africa, where they generally result from direct contact with infected animals. more

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  1. TN Tuxedo
    MAY 19, 2022 AT 1:44 PM
    “[places hand over progressive’s mouth]

    “I’m gonna stop you right there…””

    …[Hangs progressive IMMEDIATELY]

    “That’s the ONLY way to stop them right there!”

  2. Some are saying this is due to the vaccine. It is appearing in other countries where it is not usually seen; England for one. The idea is the vaccine weakens the immune system and allows stuff like this to happen. Don’t know myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If so, what other diseases will we start seeing?

  3. ” they generally result from direct contact with infected animals.” Ok then, any guess as to which city this next pandemic is going to start.

  4. Let me guess, they modified a PCR test, and will begin testing all Americans.
    Modified fake test, for fake results.

  5. Just in time for the mid terms…
    Imagine that !

  6. …I bet they have a vaxx for that.

    And just in time for Biden to cede authority to the UN so THEY can force us to inject it…

  7. “Infections are more common in central and west Africa, where they generally result from direct contact with infected animals. “

    We didn’t have these problems before we opened our borders to every turd world country on the planet.

  8. The maskholes will be convinced a mask and another fake “vaccine” will protect them. They won’t get an actual monkey pox vaccine, if it exists. They’re vulnerable to extermination and have no clue. This might be beneficial- less dangerously evil stupid in the world.

    Depopulation is the Communist Utopian goal. As far as the Covidian faithful are concerned, facts be damned. Progressive elitists like Fauxci are their gods.
    He’ll “pied piper” them to their deaths. Oh, well. They were warned.

  9. Montreal’s top public health official is urging people not to panic as her department investigates 17 cases of suspected monkeypox in the greater Montreal region.

  10. A new weaponized ChiCom Fauci-Biden virus, another power-and (more) money grab, all perfect timing. Typical.

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