“Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors” Of Biden’s Lost 85,000 Migrant Children In America – IOTW Report

“Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors” Of Biden’s Lost 85,000 Migrant Children In America

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One of Muckraker.com’s journalists has taken to X, revealing an upcoming report set to expose the shocking reality behind some of the 85,000 migrant children who vanished under the Biden administration’s first term. 

Muckraker wrote on X that one government insider has supplied them with a “list of addresses where some of the 85,000 missing alien children have been delivered under the Biden administration.” more

9 Comments on “Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors” Of Biden’s Lost 85,000 Migrant Children In America

  1. Dr. Phil has been doing a great service in exposing this. The more awareness the better.
    Every single action Biden has taken since taking the oath has been detrimental to this country, and intentionally so. Nobody I have asked has been able to name a single thing he has done for the good of the nation. It is only because of corruption that he took power in the first place, and it is through corruption that he (meaning of course his handlers) intend to remain in power.

  2. Biden does not bear ultimate responsibility. Each and every single last individual who cast a legitimate vote for the fucker are who are ultimately responsible. They knew EXACTLY what they were voting for, they not only are just fine with it, they cast their votes to perpetuate it. By that point in 2020 the masks were off and the Satanic bastards were out and proud about who they serve and what they intended to do to please their Dark Prince once they seized total control.

  3. let us not lose track of the fact that Biden was (1) selected (2) falsely elected (3) is a puppet. Now that all has fallen apart, he will serve as the fall guy.

  4. True.

    But lets talk about the American children he is robbing the futures of, the children he is giving generational debt to, the children he teaches race hate to, the children he sterelizes with insane surgical procedures and murders AND CONTINUES TO MURDER with manditory mRNA poisions required to attend manitory imdoctrination centers.

    Take care of our OWN children FIRST.

    Because that would INCLUDE locking down the borders, which would dry up the supply of foreign born juvenile bodies for our domestic pedophile politicians to collect and trade.

  5. How many children are being murdered and sex trafficked to serve democratic and demon led policies and perversions by our illegal and power hungry dark web institutions? Schwab and Soros and Biden!

  6. 85,000 Boy-o-boy way off the mark. Thats not even enough for a good Dem breakfast. Cause young tasty children fist thing in the morning, there ain’t nothing better.
    Migrant children, OMG, hypocrisy to the max. Here I thought the only things they cared about was installing a fascist dic-tator-tot.

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