Urine Trouble John McCain

Leaked Trump Golden Shower – John McCain to suffer Urinal Backsplash

According to DailyMail.com, Trump enemy John McCain admitted… READ THE GOLDEN STORY HERE

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42 Comments on Urine Trouble John McCain

  1. It pisses me off I had to hold my nose to note for this jerk off in 2008. And AZ, listen up, when this lunatic tries to run again at 86 years old, please do us all a favor and vote for anyone else. Enough already.

  2. “Maverick” was transferred from his carrier group that wanted to throw him overboard from the top deck after he ‘flamed’ those who were servicing his jet.

    It’s a real shame we didn’t get to see if he would have survived that.

  3. I am a Navy Veteran and knew Mc-splain after he returned and had been promoted to 0-7 (Admiral). There is a reason his career ended (he’d been there, done that, but parts of him never came back (i.e. spine) to be whole again and an officer we could trust) but sadly he decided to become a politico – and only a so-so one at that. Trump was right when he said mc-splain had milked his being captured for all it was worth.

  4. I have never been able to stand John “Keeting Five” McCain and have never believed his “war hero” shtick was anything other than something cooked up by his family to launch his political career.

  5. i hewld my nose, too when I voted for him. If he is an honorable, he should RESIGN from the Seanate. If he doesn’t, action should be taaken to remove him, WITHOUT any government perks. He is deprotable

  6. Please pardon my slew of typos in my first post.

    I held my nose, too when I voted for him. If he is an honorable man, he should RESIGN from the Seanate. If he doesn’t, action should be taken to remove him from office, WITHOUT any government perks. He is deprorable.

  7. Johnny-on-the-spot tried to authenticate the ruse, but couldn’t. So he turned it over to someone he thought could authenticate.
    May he get spammed by a million Nigerian Princes…

  8. The only path forward from here for McCain is resignation and retirement.

    If his judgement is so compromised that he bought this garbage, and attempted to use it against Trump, he has no business being a senator.

  9. I believe this story will turn out to be a fake made up by the firm hired to find damaging information about Trump by both Democrats and Republicans. When that happens and the MSM is forced to publish the truth then McCain’s part in this has to be made public and Doug Ducey (Governor) should ask McCain to resign as his continued presence in Washington would hurt Arizona. Maybe McCain would do the right thing then.

  10. First presidential election ever I didn’t vote.
    Just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
    Sorry guys, you can blame O’Baja on me, if you like.
    Coming up, another disgraced V/Nam ‘hero’, wouldn’t put Kerry past another run at the village.

  11. Irony – I think the North Vietnamese did real bad things to McCain’s butt. You know, extra-terrestrial type things with long, shiny buzzing probes, Mazzola Oil and sushi.

  12. He needs to be recalled…

    Under the United States Constitution and congressional practice, Members of Congress may have
    their services ended prior to the normal expiration of their constitutionally established terms of
    office by their resignation or death, or by action of the house of Congress in which they are a
    Member by way of an “expulsion,” or by a findin
    g that in accepting a subsequent “incompatible”
    public office, the Member would be deemed to have vacated his congressional seat.

  13. “Johnnie” “Pissgums” McCain is like an evil superhero… let’s set him in a Batman comic and call him “The Piddler.” His catch phrase is

    “Wee wee wee, can’t catch meeeee…”

  14. Nearly a year ago, Donald Trump sat in an easy chair on a stage at a evangelical conference in rural Iowa and scoffed at the notion that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is a war hero. “He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. Jul 12, 2016

    Remember the flack Trump took for making that comment? McCain never for gave Trump for making the comment and Trump was every bit correct in his assessment of McCain. McCain should be censored by Congress.

  15. Syllogisms Я Us: Find the Fallacy!

    If an honorable man commits an irretrievably wrong act, he does the right thing and commits suicide.

    McCain has committed an irretrievably wrong act.

    McCain does not commit suicide.

    McCain is not an honorable man.

  16. @scr_north January 11, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    > Maybe McCain would do the right thing



  17. How will he try to back out of this?
    He’ll probably have someone drive him to the AZ border where he’ll tell Cindy to help him build the border wall right then and there.
    And then Cindy will tell him, “This is the Arizona / New Mexico border, hun.”
    And he’ll reply: “Are you my daughter?”

    Break a hip you fucking demented asshole.

  18. @Uncle Al January 11, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    Oh, great! No coffee, no caffeine, so my brain hurts. And now, Uncle Al expects me to do philosobra.

    This is why Democrats get dynasties.

  19. Recall McCain Arizona, he’s a pathetic embarrassment! It’s ashamed AZ has such low voter turnouts, McCain could have been tossed in the Primaries for Dr. Kelly Ward. Next up: Get rid of “I’m with Her” Flake! Wake up Arizona!

  20. The “Canada Free Press” makes a good point: Should McCain have a security clearance? I’d still like to hear the whole story about the fire on the US Forrestal that took the lives of 150 sailors and wounded hundreds more. McCain was whisked off the Forrestal immediately. He was a hot shot pilot. It is alleged that his method
    of starting his jet started the fire and explosion. His old man was an Admiral and got him outta there pronto. Trump was right.

  21. McCain, Graham are two of the best examples on the R side who embody everything that is wrong with gov’t. They and all the D’s are why Americans rate gov’t lower than cockroaches. And the new(er) people like Ryan, Cruz, Rubio believe(d) that was the only way to operate and secure a place in gov’t. Just think. There will be eight great years of newbies coming into the congress who will cut their teeth on a Trump admin and learn what it means to be truthful, to do more than what is expected, to be truly great at your job representing the People.

    McCain, Graham and their kind will soon be sticking out like sore thumbs. People trying to get stuff done will avoid them like the plague.

  22. Actually the fire on the USS Forrestal was started by some careless ordnance handlers who had a plane armed with a live Zuni missile across the flight deck from McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk that was too close to the exhaust from a huffer (the piece of equipment that’s used to force air into a jet intake to start the jet engine) and it was the hot exhaust that set off the missile that flew across the flight deck hitting Mccain’s plane and blowing the shit out of it and almost killed John McCain. He’s one lucky bastard. And after the A-4 blew up all hell broke loose with a major fire that ended up killing over 150 sailors. Every sailor who goes to sea on a carrier has to go to a week of firefighter school,like I did in the spring of 1973 and learn how to fight fires and the video of the fire on the Forrestal is shown to show just much damage can come from an uncontrolled fire on board a ship filled with fuel, ammunition, missiles etc. It’s a very scary film, we underwent our own fire albeit a small one on the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 in Dec. of 1973 (in the worst possible sot in the whole Pacific Ocean near where the Marianna’s Trench is located) on our way to the Philippines that killed 8 sailors. I spent all night in the cockpit of an F-4 Phantom riding the brakes while being towed from one place to another on the flight deck in order to get planes away from the forward starboard side of the ship where the fire was located below decks in the engine room. We were very lucky but it was scary as hell until they got the fire under control. I called my parents collect from the Philippines when we got there to let them know I was OK. I never did ask them how much that phone call cost. but they were glad I was safe.

  23. I like the idea of removing McCain’s security clearances. All of them.

    He can nominally pretend to still be a Senator and can even remain on Committees.

    But he won’t have Clearance to be present in the room. And won’t be able even to read documents.

    It ends his “career” in disgrace.
    Without a problematic Recall or Expulsion or Impeachment.

  24. He needs to retire, or they shitcan him.
    2000 Tennessee VS Florida State in Arizona at
    the Florida State pre game rally. I watched him
    publicly demean my Captain once he saw our group
    sitting a couple of rows behind him. We were in
    dress blues. We were down there as special guests
    of Florida State. He demanded an investigation on
    us for government waste.

  25. Sunovabitch deserves to be thrown in a cold dark cell, beaten, and fed stale bread. I am so disgusted that he is ‘representing’ my country. What an ugly, hateful man McCain truly is.

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