US diverts air defense missile deliveries to Ukraine – IOTW Report

US diverts air defense missile deliveries to Ukraine

The U.S. is sending Ukraine air defense missiles that were contracted for purchase by other countries, the White House announced Thursday.

The question is, who is Ukraine selling them to?

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  1. Nobody will admit how many of the Patriot systems (launchers, radars, control systems) the russians have turned into hot scrap metal. All that takes is one more incoming round than you have loaded.

  2. Dear President Putin,
    When (not if) you decide to nuke the US of A, please nuke ONLY the East coast, Washington DC area. Please don’t nuke the mid-west or the Rocky Mountains states. We citizens who live in states to the west of the East coast, most of us DO NOT support what the (p)Resident Xiden administration is doing. So please DON’T punish us along with the Bureaucrats in the District of Criminals (DC).
    Thank you,
    A humble citizen

  3. ^^^ HEY! Wait a minute baby.. I live only 550 miles down the coast from DC. A hundred or so miles west of the actual coast but still! If Putin gets wound up they will go for the missile silos first. Watch out!

  4. @Nowut

    That wouldn’t surprise me.

    Comment from the Combined Cheats of Staff: Yes, it is true we gave Ukraine a whole lot of missiles to help them in their valiant defense of liberty and freedom.

    But that loss of missile strength will be offset by a great idea we got from the IDF: trebuchets. We’re funding a huge project for their design and development.

    To help in the fight against Global Warming they will be powered from wind and solar energy alone. There will be no burning of fossil fuels. The early indications are that the biggest one that’s been completely designed, the 600 mm, will be so powerful that it will be able to hurl a huge rock the size of a 4-bedrroom house all the way across the Pacific and take out a huge chunk of Vladivostok.

    We’re investing a lot in modern technology applied to ancient forms of warfare. Another promising new development is nuclear powered spears, lances, and clubs, for use in close combat situations. The Roman Army was well equipped with spears and lances, and we all know how successful the Roman Army was.

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