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US Supreme Court won’t hear Minnesota ‘clean car’ challenge

(The Center Square) – The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an auto group’s challenge of Minnesota adopting “clean car rules” that will require automakers to introduce more low-emission vehicles. 

Minnesota will be the first Midwest state to enact strict tailpipe emissions and require automakers to offer more electric and hybrid vehicles, taking effect with the 2025 model year. 

The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the standard adopted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in 2021.

Minnesota Auto Dealers Association President Scott Lambert said the group is “disappointed” about the ruling that will raise consumer prices.

“We believe using California’s rules is not a good fit for Minnesota,” Lambert said in a statement. “Minnesota dealers are happy to sell customers electric vehicles if those customers choose to purchase them. But we are not in favor of a mandate that requires us to stock vehicles that have very little demand.”

Gov. Tim Walz’s office hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.

Minnesota adopted the rule to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, which accounts for a quarter of overall GHG emissions statewide.  more here

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  1. Does MN realize the neighboring states’ car exhaust will still pass through their state? These non-elected boards are a threat to us. Not sure why the SCOTUS refused to hear the case

  2. EVs have very little demand cuz people are catching on to the re-purposed “Check Engine” light. Now when it comes on you see the newly added caption: “Walk Motherfucker”

  3. Just quit selling cars in Minnesota.
    When they have the transportation choice of foot or methane producing animals they might wake up and find the current emission laws not so bad.
    I think the decline of IQ points of this last generation is evidence of how stupid a human is getting. Does anyone think these moron emission laws will save the planet?

  4. Vehicle ownership is up from 8 years to 12.5 years given recent coof and subsequent supply chain choking that’s followed up with rampant inflation then you’ve got Joe bringing over migrants who compete for resources and local governments that do stupid shit like Minnesota. Ownership length will only increase and vehicle sales will continue to plummet. People can’t afford them and those that can afford them can only barely afford them and don’t want to be served up a car they don’t want. Strong arming markets never works.

    My fleet (miles): 2004 Honda Accord (250k), 2006 Subaru WRX STI (75k), 2011 Crown Vic Police Interceptor (90k), 2017 Subaru Outback (100k), 2017 Ford Focus RS (9k), 2017 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled (8k), 2017 Yamaha FZ-07 (4k), 2018 Triumph Tiger XCa (8k). Hopefully have enough in my fleet to weather the storm. TRUMP 2024!!

  5. Oh yay. General Millstone is enacting this California oppression here in Maine.
    Ha! Good luck with that. Go look up videos of the North Maine Woods.
    Look up videos of winter up north.
    I hope it was a technicality that kept the case from being heard.
    Our City Council is talking about banning gas powered lawn equipment.
    I will not comply.

  6. What Minnesota needs is a couple hundred Earth Day bonfires. Good way to get rid of fiberglass boats, used tires and motor oil, wet leaves, abandoned motorhomes, roadside garbage, abandoned slums, and Subarus full of greenie protesters.

  7. “…EVs . . . So great they have to be mandated….”

    You vill own one or vee vill puut you in zee re-education camp until you understand zee benefits…to us!


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