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Vaccine Authoritarianism Started Long Before COVID-19

The COVID-19 mass vaccination debacle has prompted many discerning parents and physicians to re-evaluate the entire CDC childhood vaccine schedule, which has exploded from three shots in 1962 (five immunizations) to 72 shots (16 immunizations) in the present day.Most of the explosive growth occurred in 1986 when vaccine manufacturers were provided indemnification of liability for vaccine injuries and deaths. Has the human immune system grown weaker?

For every vaccine and every medicine, not every person can safely take the product. Furthermore, some vaccines and medications have obsolescence over time. For example, diphtheria and pertussis are easily treated with azithromycin, which is commonly used in upper respiratory tract infections in the United States. The readily available treatment makes vaccination far less compelling than the time when most vaccines were introduced on the market.

What has been the impetus for mass indiscriminate vaccination instead of focused protection in children and adults? Whether it is the theoretical benefits of herd immunity or decreased transmission, or simply profits for the vaccine suppliers, the rationale for mass indiscriminate vaccination is not tractable. MORE

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  1. Sadists with Needles wearing Masks of Authority and Puppet String Pullers for Big Pharma Profits and Projected Profits and Manufactured Long Term Payoffs of Profits and Shared Corporate Interest Bearing Citizen Accounts Balances of Give More Today and Tomorrow is another Chance at the Next Big Money Makers Life Stories Dream of Corporate and Individual Quest for Financial Freedom through a Pill Profiteers.

    Chumps and Victimhood Surfers

  2. …the rationale for mass indiscriminate vaccination is not tractable.

    Not at all. The rationale is the mass indiscriminate accumulation of wealth by pharma, regulators, and academics (BIRM).

  3. Good point Brad. Search for high dose Vitamin C cancer patients. Won’t see this on the nightly news (controlled by Pfizer). Vitamin C is easily available, though this in a highly concentrate I.V. form. But it is cheap and therefore no profit to big pharma. I also believe they can’t patent it because it is naturally occurring.


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