Valerie Jarrett: Obama going back to community organizing

American Mirror: In explaining Barack Obama’s post-presidency plans, advisor Valerie Jarrett made an eyebrow-raising claim that could arguably be the fault of her boss: young people don’t care about America.

During a taped interview on Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” Jarrett said Obama is going back to his community organizer roots to find “Barack Obama 2.0s.” MORE

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  1. I don’t think he wants to work that hard.
    My guess is that he will be out cruising yachts and making unaccompanied trips to Southeast Asia.
    Val and Mooch at home making the samiches.

  2. There is no way in hell it should be called community organizing when it’s really community dividing, black v white, men v women, old v young, freaks v the normal people etc. etc. Everything the left describes is always opposite what they really describe.

  3. I could have sworn I just lived through 8 years of being nationally “community organized” by barrock already, you mean there is still more organizing needed in my community ?

    how can you tell ?

  4. All bluff and smoke and mirrors. The reality is, Obama’s usefulness has ended. The Left and MSM must never admit it, lest the spell be broken. But he’s as used-up and useless to the Left now as Hillary.

    Trump has a full plate now, with the disasters Obama carefully arranged for 45.
    But I expect The CinC has full access to reconstruct Obama’s true records, no matter how carefully O deleted the evidence.
    Trump does not seem disposed to criminally pursue either BO or HRC. But he has that option, and the man is full of surprises.

  5. Great news Val ire, to hear the community organizer in chiefs will get back to community organizing. Right after him and the moocj leave the 300 million dollar yacht he is partying on.

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