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Venezuela: Armored Police Car Crushes Protesters

One person has been killed and another 300 injured as a flaming police riot van ran over demonstrators amid violent protests in Venezuela.  more here

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  1. As I remember 10 years ago Venezuela use to be one of the few non debtor nations. And then they elected Juan Sanders. I hope these people have the balls to rise up.

  2. Soylent Green might have started in Venezuela to address the food shortage, except that the Venezuelan government would probably seize the processing plant citing ‘capitalist profiteering’ as the reason to shut down the plant.

  3. Notice the protestors aren’t wearing bicycle helmets, carrying skateboards, wearing black hoodies, or waving antifa flags?

    Why aren’t the antifas there protesting a real fascist?? Someone who carries out what they want to happen here? “Be like us or die!”

    Oh, that’s right. antifa would be driving the armored cars and crushing people. This is what they want.

  4. Welcome to the paradise of the Left! They thrive on chaos and violence. Go look at any run down, burned out, poverty-stricken, stinking, rat-infested shit-hole being run under the solid control of democRats for decades and tell me they aren’t running their own personal Venezuelas full of entitlement-rich, busted ass, free-shit-grabbing, well-fed, short-attention span, brain-washed LoFos who tell us after pumping Trillions of dollars of “Free Shit” to them for more than half a Century that they’re no better off today than they were in 1960!

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