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Veterans Who Served At Area 52 Are Sick But Government Won’t Acknowledge Them

CBS: Veterans who served at secret base say it made them sick, but they can’t get aid because the government won’t acknowledge they were there.

In the mid-1980s, Air Force technician Mark Ely’s job was to inspect secretly obtained Soviet fighter jets. 

The work, carried out in hidden hangers known as hush houses, was part of a classified mission in the Nevada desert, 140 miles outside of Las Vegas at the Tonopah Test Range — sometimes referred to as Area 52. The mission was so under wraps that Ely said he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. more here

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  1. just like the vets that were denied when cursed with exposure to agent orange and the troops that were exposed to the burn pits and the marines poisoned at camp Lejeune.
    our government has a long history of exposing vets to all kinds of hazards of gov making and then turning there backs on those vets when they get sick. I love my country but I hate my gov.

  2. SURPRISE!!!! Your government doesn’t give even half a shit about you!! If you are a young person considering joining the military…. DON’T! If you are unfortunate enough to already be a military member, retire or process out at the earliest opportunity….

  3. I took care of countless people exposed to asbestos and beryllium at ORNL and it took a long time for the government to fess up and do the right thing. Now I’m at a state Veterans home and I hear about the hoops they have to jump through to recieve care for service related illnesses.

    Beyond disgraceful.

  4. US govt knew for years about the dangers of asbestos and leaded gasoline but let their use continue. The grade school I attended in the 60s had asbestos ceiling tiles.

  5. I used to joke that as a US Navy Radioman who never served on a ship (always at Naval Air Stations) that I got nothing but papercuts. Well, last fall I get a letter from the VA that tells me that at NAS Agana Guam from 1968-1970 I was exposed with Agent Orange which they used to clear foliage from around the runway. They told me I don’t have to prove anything, just file. I’ll get money. Well, they’ll get around to it eventually, I suppose, but most of the sailors I served with are probably dead. I do have some physical issues . . . well, we’ll see what transpires.

  6. Par for the course these days. The climate cult runs the government now; and the open secret is that they want 95% of just to die and go away, hopefully without breeding.

  7. Let me tell you a story about the red tape around military disability claims:

    I just filled out a form to declare my intent to claim PTSD, a form to list all of the disabilities I wish to claim, a form to declare my wife, one to declare other dependents, another to describe the stressor events, one to include my statements of how it affects me, my therapist is providing a letter to connect my PTSD to combat, my wife is including a letter to describe what an asshole I am because of PTSD, another form to release my documents to the government, and 7 pages of a medical report diagnosing my PTSD. All documents have to include the correct terminology and buzzwords to to be considered. I have a few more disabilities to claim.

    I should just go to Mexico, toss my ID, and enter illegally as a Brit., I’d get more benefits for less paperwork.

    Good luck guys.

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