Victorville California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah”

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Pamela Geller: Will Obama propose a sword ban?

“Alleged Radicalized Muslim Arrested at Victorville Home,” Christie Martin, Victor Valley News, December 8, 2015 (thanks to Caroline)

VICTORVILLE-( “I would die and kill for Allah” yelled Mohamed Elrawi as he chased his terrified neighbor with a sword during a dispute. Just before 5:10 p.m. on Monday, December 7th deputies from the Victorville Station responded to a subject that was brandishing a weapon on the 14000 block of La Paz Drive.

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19 Comments on Victorville California: Muslim with sword chases down neighbor screaming, “I would die and kill for Allah”

  1. Remember, it’s important to not demean goat-fucker culture while one of them is hacking you to death with a sword.

    We certainly need more of these people in the country.

  2. I’d like to see a ban on the word jihadi.
    Call them what they are….murderers.

    There’s nothing radical about them. Evil has never been so pure.

  3. Too bad 99% of Kalifornication is a gun-free zone. The neighbor wouldn’t have needed to call the po-po until after he had granted the muzzies fondest death wish.
    And the po-po would only have needed to call the “meat wagon” to pick up the corpse.

  4. I can remember when Victorville was a nice, peaceful place. It’s a real pity we ever let the first jihadi in.
    Thomas Jefferson never rolled out the red carpet for them, and neither should we.

  5. Lies! False narrative! Pisslam is a religion of peace. Muslims are the most tolerate people in the world. Isn’t that what the Obamazombie brain washing says? Must have been a right wing nut job disguised as a stinking reeking, goat-umping pedophile.

  6. Know what country has NEVER had a muzzy attack? Japan. They won’t let ’em in.

    Who says they’re in a demographic death spiral? They may be the only civilization (besides Israel) standing after it’s all over.

  7. I’m beginning to understand the language little by little when someone shouts, Allahu Akbar. (Roughly translated) Means, “I want the Mozambique Drill and, I want it NOW!!”

  8. He would have ridden into town, a whoopin’ and a whoppin’!

    [My bad. I was thinking about watching Blazing Saddles later.]

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