Vikings Coach Refuses COVID Vax

Did he lose his job? Maybe.

2:01 PM PT — The Vikings appear to be trying to keep Dennison on board … the team released a statement Friday saying they are still in talks with the assistant coach.

“The Vikings continue to hold discussions with Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison regarding the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 Protocols for training camp and preseason games,” Minnesota officials said.

“At this time, Coach Dennison does not have an exemption to the vaccination requirements of those protocols. We will adhere to the requirements of the protocols and of applicable law.” more

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  1. They have to pay him his contract. This shit happened way after he signed. And, he should go on unemployment, too. He paid into it.

  2. Anonymous, they really are desperate and pushing it way too far. Even their lowly lefty constituents are starting to get irritated with this.
    It won’t be long before one of theirs goes over the edge. Heh.

  3. And talk about going too far all these leftist cities, now St Louis joins, implementing mandatory masks indoors for all -vaxxed or not. What is the incentive to get jabbed and if I was vaxxed I’d be mad as hell – they promised if you get the vax you can live normally again. Liars! Wake up to all that complied, this is never going to end until we all say enough and just stop participating.

  4. This Story popped up on the Vikings fb Page…300 comments…I was expecting

    a lot of negative replies about the Coach…Nope..everyone is on board with the

    Man..It heartened Me!!!

  5. I hope this end up in court. They’d be opening a world of hurt for themselves which ever way the case would be decided.

  6. Trying to get takers within my company (Fortune 200) when they require the jab. My money is on September 30.

    I work alone, my boss is a hundred miles to the west, but I know these type of corporate millionaires we have as executive officers cannot leave well enough alone.

    They are in Houston and are already extolling the virtues of the jab, and backing it up with quotes from a big hospital there that fired a shitload of employees that refused it.

    Was hoping for another three years at this job before I retired. May not happen.

  7. Last week hardly anyone was wearing a mask in my neck of the woods in Illinois. Today at a few stores I went to, I’d say about 80% are wearing them again.

    The fear of delta has spread awful quick.

    Gov. Prickster said he has no problem locking the state down again and blames it on other states bringing it here.

    By the looks of it, in about a month we’ll be right back to square 1 with lockdowns again, because they worked so well before. But this time it’ll come with mandatory vaccines.

    I’ve been telling my wife all summer the kids aren’t going to school cause vaccines will be mandatory. She laughed, and still laughs at me. Just wait, hon.

  8. I heard more radio news today than I have for weeks. Boy are they pushing the vax. Even conservative news sites.
    Fear is powerful.
    It can’t be just money as the reason for the cult like push.
    No thanks.

  9. jellybean, Canada who has ordered the coof shots clear through 2024 is an indication it ain’t gonna end anytime soon. (30 million for 2022, 30 for 2023, and 60 for 2024).

  10. the nfl is owned by the team owners. They are doing this on purpose.

    @ Lowell….
    I read this meme today. “I made it clear that through my lawyer i would begin to demand the status of all other employee’s health condition in regards to other forms of communicable diseases. We would be demanding information on employee’s with aids, hepititis, flu, stds, measles, mumps etc. My lawyer already had the papers drawn up so i could serve him the first day he tried it and part of the suit would be to force the company to make immediate policies to section off employees who had any illness they could spread, including the c old. If they were going to take the responsibility in stopping the spread of covid in the bbuilding they were now liable for the spread of anything else.

    within 24 hours we were all indformed that they wo7uld no longer demand to see our papers.”

  11. Deplorable Second Class July 23, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    The hill to die on for many.

    That’s okay, there’s someone who died on the hill for me, what is my life if I’m forced on the ground and someone jab me with the intention of killing me? I’m not worried at all really, we’re only on this earth for a fleeting moment.

  12. Biden is a follower, not a leader.
    You let millions of 3rd worlders through an open border and wonder why diseases are spiking. Biden is “following” his weak-kneed sisters, Canada, England and France.

  13. SEIU has come out against mandatory vaccination.
    End of September it will be all over… except that the fearmongers will continue to scream that there could be another spike. But there won’t be – but they will try to keep it going for at least a year.

  14. I bet CNN’s own Don Lemón and Anderson Pooper administer The Jab to each other on a nightly basis.

  15. This should be interesting with the SEIU opposing mandatory vax.
    They represent health care workers.


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