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Virginia Attorney General Announces Investigation into Public Schools

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On Monday, Jason Miyares, the Attorney General of Virginia, announced that his office would conduct an investigation into all public schools in Fairfax County, over allegations that schools throughout the area have withheld merit awards from winners in the name of “equity.”

As Fox News reports, Miyares had already begun a civil rights investigation on Wednesday into Thomas Jefferson High School after parents complained that the school’s withholding of such awards negatively impacted their students’ college applications, with the awards not being announced until after most application deadlines had passed.

The school did so for the purpose of “equal outcomes for every student, without exceptions.” The school’s Director of Student Services, Brandon Kosatka, confirmed the school’s decision to a parent who confronted him on the matter, saying that the school wanted to avoid hurting the feelings of students who did not win any awards.

“It has come to my attention through public reporting that at least three high schools within Fairfax County Public Schools (‘FCPS’) may have withheld National Merit recognition from students,” Miyares said in his letter to Fairfax Superintendent Michelle Reid. “This alleged behavior may constitute unlawful discrimination in violation of the Virginia Human Rights Act. My office will investigate whether any students’ rights were violated as a consequence of alleged withholding of National Merit recognition by high school administrators or FCPS.” more

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  1. Rust never sleeps. Apparently neither does evil. Even if the investigation should confirm the behavior, there is no sufficient legal remedy available to the parties so affected.

    Frickin’ educators and their theories: our children are not “your” experiments.

  2. Sippin’ Coffee,
    There may not be sufficient LEGAL remedy…..
    But there’s sufficient extra-legal remedy…..
    ((Political Realignment Kit: rope, tall tree/lamppost, DildoCrat bureaucrat (elected, appointed, or hired); Some Assembly Required))


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