Virginia governor Northam spent 65 days on taxpayer-funded jaunts to his NC beach home since start of 2019

Democrat Ralph Northam invoked executive privilege to initially block release of travel dates but relented on appeal.

14 Comments on Virginia governor Northam spent 65 days on taxpayer-funded jaunts to his NC beach home since start of 2019

  1. surprise! … another arrogant d’rat prick

    ladies & gentlemen, we present for your viewing pleasure …. ‘Coonman the Clueless’

  2. I called his office a month or so ago about this issue and they seemed to have had a prepared response and denial.

    Did old Blackface lie to me again?

  3. Northam is RICH.
    Why did he NOT VOLUNTARILY pay for this himself?


    Root cause and effect.

    They expect us to foot their bills.

    Or at least, USED to.

  4. Answerman – isn’t he likely to be closer to pritzker well except for being only half the person he is 😉

  5. It wasn’t so much the use of taxpayer funds for us to haul him, his fat ass wife and drooling idiot children back and forth, although that is disturbing.

    It’s that Blackface’s partner in crime, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) shut down access to the outer banks for everyone else.

    Just to be clear. Both VA and NC used to be fairly reliable Red states until New England New York New Jersey and Masshole cockroaches ran from their shitholes to dictate here how they did it back home.

  6. PHenry,

    I disagree.

    It wasn’t so much adds up to a lot relatively fast. Plus fees and interests.

    Everything else you said is true.

  7. @shoal banks. I don’t disagree. Lots of money involved in hauling that family around on our dime. They should be forced to reimburse.

    But my point is that nobody else was allowed on the outer banks and it became a private club for Democrats who make rules for some and look the other way for others.

  8. We live in an Americanized version of the Soviet Union, where 10 percent of the communist elites lived off 90 percent of the rest of the society.

    This is our reality. The corruption of the news media enabled it.

  9. Article says they sold their main home in Hampton Roads, Virginia when they moved to the Executive Mansion in Richmond. But kept their NC vacation home. So, the Virginia governor does not own property in or pay property taxes in Virginia; he does both in NC. This guy fails the optics test once again.


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