Vlogger Takes Us for a Walk Through the Hell Hole Known As San Francisco – IOTW Report

Vlogger Takes Us for a Walk Through the Hell Hole Known As San Francisco

Louder With Crowder: Videos like this need to be amplified. While it may be too late for our cities, the rest of America needs to be warned. The progressive politicians who have turned San Francisco and other progressive cities into these hellholes with their progressive policies will do the same to your neighborhood if elected. Let’s take another stroll through Nancy Pelosistan:

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  1. What everyone commenting is missing is they are expecting exposure of what their policies and practices result in will shame followers of the progressive movement and be cause for reflection on their part. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    They are dedicated followers of Satan and implementing Satan’s agenda of increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death is what motivates them. Any recognition that by them that societal breakdown, and living in filth and celebrating degeneracy is unacceptable to them is abject horse shit. It is sucker bait designed to lure the naïve into conceding good intentions to the subhuman pieces of shit who deliberately and systematically created this mess.

    They wouldn’t know shame if it walked up and sat in their lap. They are diabolical narcissists who have absolutely no compunction shitting on everyone they envy, and that includes everyone and anyone is a target, and everything those people value value that they can get their hands on and are proud of what they have accomplished.

  2. In the medium-size city (<100k population), every effort to rein-in the homeless was met with lawsuits or threats of lawsuits by ACLU and homeless “advocates”. Cities only have so much in their budgets to go up against the almost unlimited resources of these tax exempt organizations. Then the leftist-dominated city councils threw in the towel and let the homeless run amok.

  3. “Would a small thermo nuk clean the place up a little?”

    No no no no!

    Neutron bomb leaves the structures in place while taking out the trash.

    You could call it a great reset button.


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