WA: Lawsuit to block drug injection site vote opens perilous political ground

CFL: A lawsuit to block a public vote on so-called “safe injection sites” for drug addicts in Washington’s King County could be opening up perilous political ground because opponents of that vote are claiming that “public policy is not subject to an up or down vote by citizen initiative,” according to the Seattle P-I.com.

Would the proponents of “safe injection sites” say the same thing about an initiative allowing a vote that directly impacts a constitutionally-protected civil right? That’s what critics said three years ago about Initiative 594, the gun control measure passed by the public in 2014 that expanded the state pistol registry and created other problems for law-abiding gun owners.

“Protect Public Health” is behind the lawsuit. As the SeattleP-I.com put it, this is a new organization whose spokesperson, Dr. Bob Woods, claims the public vote would “set a dangerous precedent for public health.”

Woods, former director of the HIV/AIDS program at Seattle-King County Public Health, claims that “Supervised consumption spaces are an essential tool in fighting the opiate epidemic.” He further asserted, according to the P-I.com, that if Initiative 27 is successful, it “would set a dangerous precedent for public health: Supervised consumption spaces are an essential tool in fighting the opiate epidemic.”

Where was Woods when gun owners were arguing that I-594 would also set a dangerous precedent in the ongoing battle to protect the right to keep and bear arms, protected by the Second Amendment and by a majority of state constitutions?  more here

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all any of this has resulted in more drug usage and now that we have narcan being dispensed everywhere, it’s only gotten worse!
    Stop making/taking drugs easy. Stop removing the consequences.

  2. A month or so ago a Seattle news station was interviewing an addict that admitted he had been save about 20 times by someone having Narcan available. He says he’s alright now. He’s busy trying to get more tax money to help other deadbeats like him.

  3. They’re just normalizing it.

    Provide safe space for consumption of injectables.
    Show them the secure room.
    They walk into room.
    Close door, lock it.
    3 meals a day, 2 rolls of of toilet paper.
    Check at meals and midnight.
    3 months go by- kick them out.

    They’re frickin’ addictive illicit drugs. They’re illegal.
    GMO a poppy virus and send it to Afghanistan.

  4. Portland is a disaster because of all the liberals who ran from failed liberal states but they brought their crazy liberal ideas with them. Most damage is caused by young, rich Californians, homos, trust fund babies, drug addicts, illegals, insane, and the homeless whom the city council promises to take care of. Homeless population keeps increasing and the city cannot figure out why.

  5. Hey, break the laws that bind society and guess what you get?!?!
    Total chaos and the destruction of America.
    Duh…..I wonder who is behind this bullshit.

  6. To all of the above: They are bringing them here for the money (the commies that run Seattle) the more deadbeats the more money for more deadbeats , and on and on it goes. And crime keeps going up.
    Just not more than 45 minutes ago I stopped in at a 7-11 to grab some smokes and a tweaker asked me for money (I know most of the homeless that are down there) this guy had no teeth and told me he needed money for bus fair, I said no, next thing you know I am a asshole for not giving him money for his next fix and he was going to come after me , took 2 steps towards him and he got on his stolen bike and rode off.
    Back to the story above just listen to the guys voice and it will tell you all you need to know about him. Commie Bastard he is.


    -should be done in a monitored clean, “safe” environment. You don’t want people going to unsafe, dirty, back alleys do you?

    (Paid for by you of course)

  8. Well, Washington state is officially more fucked up than California. So is Oregon with their non Elected Governor confiscating their weapons. That womens a problem. And a Nazi.

  9. Brad, and she is a proud bi-sexual. The whole left coast is in trouble. It will take a couple generations, at best, to fix it. Unless of course fat little fuck in NoKo fixes us first.

  10. Joe that ugly pig signed a law this week authorizing the courts to confiscate guns from Oregon residents with out warning. So based on that law they can strip you of your first amendment rights with out warning. Or any other Constitutional Right you have with out your day in court.I have a lot of relatives in Oregon. Total silence. Believe me I’m pinging them asking WTF? No answer.

  11. well, if we legalize all these drugs, then we wouldn’t have to provide all these rehab and safe spaces for them. the addicts will eventually eliminate themselves.
    all we have to do is ride the chaos out during the elimination process.
    arm yourself, be diligent and aware.

  12. There is a RINO Legislator and a group of others who are trying to get Maine to designate “safe zones” for heroin addicts.
    I can’t believe the stupidness.
    They actually tell people to look at how successful it is in Europe! What actually happened there was that the government ended up paying for and giving the addicts substitute drugs. So they call the program a success.
    Even though all they did was substitute one drug for another, less debilitating drug. Paid for by the taxpayers.

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