Wait’ll the Dog Jumps Off a Cliff…

… believing he can fly.



8 Comments on Wait’ll the Dog Jumps Off a Cliff…

  1. The idea he may jump off a cliff because of this is not so far fetched to me.

    A friend of mine moved from a house to a second story apartment back in the 90s. The small dog she had had never experienced anything higher than the stoops to the front and back doors of the house she was moving from.

    On moving day the little idiot ran right under the metal railing on the common walkway upstairs and discovered the sensation of free fall from the 2nd floor.

    He had no serious injuries but he never did THAT again.

  2. Idgit.

    Why doesn’t he just strap him onto the rearview mirror of a 74 Ford F150 and hit the road with a gopro for a hood ornament. He would have a better view than the back of the green pajama boy.

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