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Wales Wants to Criminalize “Lying”

How exactly does that work? Do they set up a ministry of truth?

And do I need someone to tell me when someone is lying? Am I retarded?

The government thinks the jails are full now. Wait til they are all on the other side of the bars.

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  1. “…it would be illegal for a Senedd member or candidate to “wilfully or with intent to mislead make or publish a statement that is known to be false or deceptive,” unless the statement can be “reasonably inferred” to be a statement of opinion, or it is retracted (or an apology is made) within two weeks.”

    A Welshman who lies, gets caught and then apologies for it is probably still LYING! (Ask a Scot-Irishman!)

  2. Does that apply to the GOVERNMENT as well? Probably not. Governments only LIE, STEAL, and MURDER. They have obviously already legalized the last two for themselves of course.

  3. “Some say…”
    “Conspiracy theorists claim…”
    “I’ve hear the rumor that…”
    “Word on the street is…that COVID shots can kill you.”

    All it takes is a little prefacing clause…

  4. So……are po-po and Gooberment, because of being in positions of authority, held to a higher standard?
    Or will they be allowed to break this new law……because reasons.

  5. Watch out. What TPTB are trying to do is fundamentally change the way we think and communicate such that their propaganda will be more effective.

    There are a lot of ways to be wrong about something and lying about it is only one of them. Simple errors will become just as much a crime as lying to defraud or damage.

    People who seriously attempt to put this in place as a govt “program” leading to criminalization are an immediate threat of aggression including the use of lethal force against resistance. SOME SAY that such a threat justifies the use of lethal force in self defense.

  6. Since the JustUs System worldwide has become a farcical parody of a lame joke,
    all I want is for them to look away when I retaliate against a clear liar with my old baseball bat.
    No more Justice delayed/denied, plus the exercise will do me good, body and soul.

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannd who determines what the “lie”is… Hmmmm??
    If it’s anything like this administration they will say:
    “Show me the man and I will show you a liar”

  8. No kiddin Al. What kill me is that even when they admit they were wrong (as they recently did) it still doesn’t kill their credibility!

    It occurs to me that “The Magic Fact Checker” game could be a funny app for someone to make 🙂

  9. If implemented correctly, this could replace all currently elected officials, and deter creeps from running for office.

    However, the gubment will never allow themselves to be replaced, so this will be a means to weed out the good ones.


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