Wall Street Journal Corrects ‘Bombshell’ Report on North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

Daily Signal:

The Wall Street Journal quietly added a massive correction to a story that, if accurate, would have had significant implications for nuclear talks between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

On Thursday, the newspaper reported that analysts with the Defense Intelligence Agency believe that North Korea may have developed as many as 12 nuclear weapons since the historic Trump-Kim summit in Singapore June 12, 2018. more here

6 Comments on Wall Street Journal Corrects ‘Bombshell’ Report on North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

  1. The WSJ seems to have joined the ranks of fake news over the last several years.

    I’ve quit paying attention to anything they say, it’s usually of no real value and is often entirely untrue.

  2. OK, to be fair, don’t we want the media, any media, to offer retractions and corrections when they get over their skis? And for those that have never picked up a WSJ in their lives, the paper is NOT part or participant in the Never Trumper movement.

    No one really knows how many nukes Rocket Man actually has. Try googling it, the estimates are all over the map, from 20-40 to even as high as 60.

    Past and present leaders of NK have consistently lied and reneged on security agreements, an example, which is undisputed is that Kim promised to suspend his development and testing of his missile technology, this program is still active as well as uranium enrichment.

    Yeah, it’s great that the talks are still continuing and just maybe Trump can get Kim back to the adult table but history tells us that anything Kim says or claims made need to be independently verified.

  3. Set Nuke it and forget it.

    We’re going to hit it and quit it.

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    Release the Kraken FOBS.

    “We begin bombing in five minutes.” -Communism’s Nemesis

  4. Irregardless of how many they have and how active they are in production the President has pursued a different way to engage NK and we’re no worse off than we were and it may bear results.
    These things aren’t going to produce instant results and Trump has said as much.

  5. The WSJ used to be a counterweight to the NYT only more accurate. WSJ is now owned by News Corp that entity that was created when Rupert Murdoch and his sons spun off everything but Foxnews, WSJ and a few other items. News Corp is run primarily by his kids who were raised in England and went to English public school and were imbued with left wing English views. You can see Foxnews moving slowly left and no doubt the WST is going in the same direction. I would expect to see in the coming years Murdoch’s sons start to cozy up to the Soros’s of the world. then conservatives would have no mainstream voice.

    @Rich Taylor; you don’t have to be a “Never Trumper” to use your assets against him or at the least not for him. Take a walk through the Foxnews Website sometime, the changes are striking.

  6. @scr_north, why does it have to be, “You are either for us or against us”? Why can’t they just call balls and strikes as they see ’em and leave the partisanship for the politicians?

    @gin blossom, “irregardless”? Really? As to whether Trump gains any traction with Kim and his pursuits of joining the nuclear club, we shall see, but right now it’s just talking.

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