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Walmart CEO says company may hike prices, close stores if wave of shoplifting continues

JTN: The chief executive of Walmart said this week that the company may be forced to close down stores or raise prices if a wave of shoplifting continues to buffet the company. 

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC’s Squawk Box that thefts at the company’s stores are posing “an issue” that’s “higher than what it has historically been.”

“We’ve got safety measures, security measures that we’ve put in place by store location,” he said. “I think local law enforcement being staffed and being a good partner is part of that equation, and that’s normally how we approach it.” 

Yet the CEO argued that “a lax approach from prosecutors could impact prices and lead to store closures down the line,” according to CNBC.  more

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  1. How does raising prices help stop shop lifting?? Just read that Pennsylvania gas stations are posting armed guards. I hope they have shoot to kill instructions.

  2. …and when you logically raise the prices and close the stores in the places where the most crime is happening, a bunch of poverty pimps and their lawyers show up in your office with protestors threatening your employees nationwide because those high crime areas are also Black areas.

    Screaming about food deserts, redlining, Jim Crow, slavery, etc. ensue as your trucks are blocked and your stores burned.

    Next thing you know, you’re out as CEO, and replaced by a trans woman African immigrant lesbian (whose only qualification is being a trans woman African immigrant lesbian) that reopens the loss leader, high shrinkage stores and closes the profitable ones instead while refusing to hire and plotting to fire White male employees because, equity, or something…

  3. Worker peasant TAX Slave
    DECEMBER 7, 2022 AT 8:09 AM
    “Just read that Pennsylvania gas stations are posting armed guards.”

    …for whatever good that will do. May deter some if they are VERY visible, but the first time they actually SHOOT somebody, if that somebody is a protected class, then shooter, shootee, and employer will all be judged by the same liberal prosecutor who stopped prosecuting criminals in the FIRST place.

    Guess who’s going to jail then, as they get doxxed in the media and the location of their families spammed out?

    …but they can watch on the TV set in the common area between prison rapes as their former business is burned and their family run out of town as the civil court takes everything they spent a lifetime earning.

    Not to mention what happens if your “armed guards” are THEMSELVES thugs who shake down people and deal drugs on your property while wearing your uniform.

    Armed guards?

    Good luck with that…

  4. Remember where the Waltons come from SNS, they aren’t the John Boy Waltons. In the long run everything in life can turn into a FAFO experience.

  5. I shop at four different local Walmarts depending on where I am traveling.
    Those that are near Baltimore are run-down, dirty, poorly stocked and full of people that seem to be likely shoplifters. Those that are further out in the country are in top shape, clean, well stocked and full of people you would be comfortable conversing with, regardless of skin color.
    I wonder which stores Walmart will be closing…

  6. SNS: In nuclear weapon systems USAF the guards with shoot to kill orders around armed B52s seemed to do the trick on keeping personnel from screwing up or doing dumb things. I use the same procedure at home.

  7. Business’s always have and always will raise prices to cover the loss. They have to. If they can’t the will have to close the store, it cannot operate at a loss for long. Same for increased taxes, business’s will pass that on to consumers.
    Rioters and Looters and Shoplifters should be shot on sight. I am not talking about kids who steal candy bars, but they also need to face a severe penalty.

  8. They will just raise prices and make the honest people pay for the criminals.
    How much government money gets paid into Walmart every month from SNAP and EBT cards?
    Unless it has changed, Walmart wages are so low they encourage all their workers to apply for subsidies as well.
    Again “we” get to pay.

  9. Raising prices does nothing to stem shoplifting.
    It simply shifts the burden of cost to people who don’t steal what they walk out of the store with.
    And WM profits either way.
    Cheaper & easier that armed guards?

  10. You are welcome to shut down every Walmart within 100 miles of my home. It would do nothing but improve property values to raze them to the ground, not to mention the positive impact on the environment by removing the garbage that swirls around their parking lots and into the neighborhoods.

  11. @sns
    You have written a real travellers guide description of Dukes Banksturds of amerikans charlaten style. From the carolinas straight to NYC and back again. Apt descript to the T.

    Bank of americans and msNBC, a heavenless match. With even more added African connections. And charities. And desks. And ATM cards. And doctors with international degrees. Succoring off medicaid leeches and other old school suckery.

    Banksturd of Amerikans – Big Root of corrupt money grubbing scum Evilness across the carolinas and other amerikan places of BOA interests.

    I wish there was a CID or OSI or FBI or some Federal Agency that would listen to a story about an evil bank that steals money from veterans. I have proof. The scams they are pulling make Wells Fargo look like Pony Play.

    And it’s directly tied to some retired Generals big in Banking Circles. You know. The ones that have captive audiences for their banking needs across the captive world. Yea, those Generals/ The ones that like their Advertisements delivered by big ribbon chested birds with fringe benifits on the side after filming this months advertisement for mortgages and what-nots that are always siad to be the best deals ever and how much they care and not only care but actually will help you get the best deal they can find for you and you better be greatful to them for loving you so much that you better keep loving them, even after it starts to hurt.

  12. I am creating an honest wage from home 1900 Dollars/week , that is wonderful, below a year ago I used to be unemployed during an atrocious economy. I convey God on a daily basis. I used to be endowed with these directions and currently it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with everybody..

  13. Let’s be honest… If not for US blacks, this would not be an issue at all. They’re the demographic that does 99% of the store looting now.

  14. Life on earth was created by a scientific law. It requires work. You would check into an authority figure at your registered time (you really did not need to concrete the earth…hee…hee…) then you would check out with that authority figure. Have your possessed Elfie parties at an open space, like a park…not your malls across the planet agenda…

  15. Great…I’ve got today more because some 13%er in the inner city is a thief. Just like always, punish the good and ignore the infantile behavior of the socially incompetent.

  16. Shoplifting is just another name for Looting. All of this stealing mostly by the so called oppressed 12% segment of our population could be stopped in one day if all stores posted the following sign prominently at the entrance:


    Would only take a couple of shootings for the rest of these thieving animals to get the message. Hard times call for drastic measures.

  17. @The Mule: Shoplifters come in all different colors. Where I live it’s the homeless that’s ripping stores off. They work in groups, they take turns stealing and panhandling. They have no plans to join society. We as a society accept their behavior, nothing is done to stop it, so we all suffer. Thieves don’t care about prices.

  18. Don’t let the WALMART CEO DOUG MCMILLON fool anyone. WALMART has been in league with the people-exterminating fiend GEORGE SOROS for some time in addition to importing RED CHINA garbage merchandise manufactured by slave laborers who are also forced sex tools for the degenerate.


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