Waltz of the Flowers – IOTW Report

Waltz of the Flowers

George Balanchine´s The Nutcracker – Waltz of the Flowers

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  1. I experienced the nutcracker in Junior high P.E. We were playing coed volleyball, a young girl bounced the ball to me, barely grazing me. The jockstrap did nothing. I wanted to lie down and throw up. Still better than the boy in my class who was playing coed flag football. He was cheating by putting on the flag belt with the velcro on the inside. making it difficult to pull the flag. When a kid pulled at the flag, it ripped the seam of his shorts exposing his bear butt. The jockstrap did nothing to aid him, but rather framed his butt like a work of art.

  2. bare not bear

    also the jockstrap should be called a testicular tee because all it does is hold the nads so they will get hit soundly together rather than maybe slipping out the impact zone. Nobody has ever explained why there can’t be cloth to cover the butt.

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