Then why is Hochul still governor of NY? She let the blizzard kill black people.

The Washington Post claims that blizzards are racist and not because snow is white. The liberal rag says that because a disproportionate number of black people died in the Buffalo blizzard, it has to be racism and not that black people failed to prepare for the disaster everyone knew was coming.

Brianna Sacks’ Twitter bio proclaims: “I cover climate change-fueled extreme weather and natural disasters for the Washington Post.” She also apparently covers climate change-fueled racism because this was her contribution today: more here

11 Comments on WaPoo: BLIZZARDS ARE RACIST

  1. Ignorance played a large role in deaths. It’s true of every tragic event. People don’t prepare, people don’t heed the warning, people depend on the government to save them. Even the government couldn’t handle themselves and had to get bailed out by private citizens. Sure there’s some that wigged out and died of a heart attack, would of happened sooner or later. I carry a BOB in my car, ya never know…

  2. No snow in the jungle!! Maybe the blacks ought to go back to where there is no snow. All thinking people know the climate in Buffalo is racist but climate change is bad so nothing can be done about it.

  3. These liberal ASSHOLES are willing for others to die, in order to push their agenda, distract from the present and instill fear.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve announced it; I DESPISE these pieces of shit.

  4. Proof that the best strategy is to remove all warning labels and just stand back.

    Remove the false “obligation” for society to help them survive to strive for further lofty stupidity in the future.

  5. Hochul didn’t even activate the National Guard until after people had died. They had 5-6 days notice of a big snow event, zero preparation. And the State Legislature in Albany were busy voting themselves a 29% raise.


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