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Was He Triple-Dog-Dared?

Out of Illinois: EMS Called After Juvenile Sticks Tongue to Pole Near Sledding Hill in Sandwich.


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  1. Triple dog dare the little moron to pee on the pole and then touch his pecker to it and his tormentors could’ve parlayed the prank into a Darwin Award.

  2. …kids do stupid stuff, because they’re kids. What’s old hat to US is something THEY never heard about. Because they’re kids.

    This is the reason Communism and the Democrat Party (yes, redundant, I know) keep coming back. EVERY generation has to elect it’s OWN Democrat just to learn the lesson for ITSELF. Sometimes the burned hand is the best teacher. After that, advice about fire goes straight to the heart.

    …speaking of which, one day that I was duty at the firehouse, we got called to a structure fire that we kept down to room and contents. A young boy was in the room when it started, but was only shaken but otherwise OK. Seems that it was his big brother’s room, and this pre-Internet brother had a large collection of nudie mags under his bed. Knowing he shouldn’t be looking, the boy hid himself under a convenient blanket, but had some difficulty with the low light. This he resolved with Dad’s lighter. Unfortunately the blanket was a bit too close, and pretty soon he had more light than he knew what to do with. Exit the youth and enter us, and the truth did “out”.

    …he didn’t know what could happpen when he STARTED, but he sure knew AFTER. Thus do we learn. It sucks sometimes, but children be children…

    …i believe the parents learned something that day, too. About the older brother. They seemed more cross with HIM than with their singed mouldings. THAT part was not my monkey and not my circus, though…

  3. The Bible tells us how wrong the kids can go, too. Look at the end of Genesis. Jewish Joseph saved Egypt by heeding the Lord, Pharaoh set him on his right hand, and invited all Israel to live in Egypt in honor and peace.

    …then, you turn to the very next page in Exodus, and what do you see?

    “8 Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.”
    Exodus 1:8

    Yep. The kids took over, cared NOTHING for their past, then slavery and plagues all ’round!

    …again, this is how Democrats keep getting back in power. Every generation is a fresh load of rubes.

    And it is the doom of men that they forget…

  4. “Who will be the first lib to demand heated flag poles?”

    …I don’t know, @gin blossom. Seems like it would be more their style to pass a law saying that EVERYONE must lick a frozen flag pole so the child doesn’t feel discriminated against…

    …and exempt THEMSELVES from it, of course…

  5. I still remember the story Paul Harvey once told about a poor drunk Russian guy in Siberia who relieved himself on a very, very cold metal wall and got his pecker stuck. He didn’t say it in quite those words but that was the jist of the story.

  6. I talked a kid into peeing on the electric fence of my grandpa’s cow pasture. It was winter when that happened. Does it count? If not, it is still funny when I remember it.


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