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Washington state community to give free parking to people living in vehicles

JTN: The City of Bellevue is looking to increase access to safe parking for its residents that reside in their vehicles.

The Bellevue City Council approved an annual budget allocation of $450,000 to implement the pilot program as part of the city’s homelessness response efforts.

The city’s goal for the pilot program is to provide a clean and safe parking area that is off-street. The Lincoln Center in Bellevue is the set location for the program, with 37,000 square feet of parking space. Notably, the city council staff said that the area is expected to hold 20 vehicles of any size. That is roughly 24% of the most recent count of Bellevue residents living in their cars, which was 83 in 2021.

Bellevue Councilmember Jennifer Robertson said she understood that the pilot program is the first step to providing a safe place for residents living in their vehicles but emphasized that the program’s goal should meet the demand for safe parking access.

“People who are living in cars are often different from the people who are living on the street – they are more often to be employed [and] more often to have children,” Robertson said at a council meeting on Jan. 9. “I think it’s really important that we help them.” more

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  1. The dumb bastards should take a hard look at San Fransisco. The only “Residents” left live in their cars. But never fear, the city counsel is going to give them 5 mil each. But only if they are black.

  2. Holy crap! They are putting the homeless smack dab in the middle of the fancy shopping retail district of Bellevue?!?

    Right now, if you go shopping there you see a few on a corner begging but that’s about it. Importing them in is effing ridiculous!

    Good lord.

  3. I have to say, these pop up adds make it difficult for me to focus on these articles. I almost left this site before due to bombardment of adds, but the pop-up adds may force me out of here, and that kills me because I love this site.

  4. First off, that’s 1850 sq ft / vehicle!

    Secondly, the City Council doesn’t own it, so how can they give “free” anything, concerning it?
    In other words, the City Council is seizing, without due process, the Parking area of the Lincoln Center? Or did Kemper Freeman agree to this? Under duress, perhaps?

    If Robertson wants to “help” them, Robertson should dig into HER OWN bank account – not give away other peoples’ stuff.

    Fukkin hypocrite.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Good. Those filthy rich elite liberals voted liberals into office. They deserve what they voted for. If I had any say they’d all be moved to Portland and have their wheels removed.

  6. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be particularly dangerous for people who are sleeping in their car. Irreversible brain damage or death can be a problem for some/many. But brain dead politicians making policies promoting the idea, won’t notice anything. Sherlock Safety Tip #37291


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