Watch a guy get stung by a bullet ant

Melodrama begins around 10 mins in… The action begins at around the 13 minute mark.

h/t Groucho Marxist.

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  1. somehow ain’t buyin’ it … of course I wouldn’t want to be bitten by a shitload of these little bastards … but ….
    got bitten about the 13 minute mark, red mark at about the 15 minute mark, huffing & puffing around the 16 minute mark … then …. what?
    Crockashit Dundee, with his imitation hat & boots (btw, great shaved arm) writhes around like a screaming pajama boy & I’m supposed to be all amazed about …. something
    Method Acting Class 101 gives this guy an A+
    I only hope that these ants infest Obama’s anal orifice on his latest VaCa to Hawaii

    cynical? … you betcha’

  2. I watched the video of him getting stung by the tarantula hawk & it was the exact same thing with him running from the table & writhing on the ground ,like it’s rehearsed routine. No matter what he’s an idiot. If he really wanted to show us something,he’d go to Japan & let one of the giant hornets sting him.

  3. How is this numbnut any less retarded than that fat slob what duct taped 1,000’s of fire crackers to HIMSELF and lit that shit?
    What a dumbass!

  4. I can’t Stand videos that have about 5-10 seconds of entertainment but they put that behind 10 minutes of filler shit with some shit-head talking about how awesomely awesome this event is.

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