Watch: CAIR Official Admits Women Don’t Have Equal Rights Under Sharia Law

Breitbart Tech:

Independent filmmaker Michael Hansen has a new documentary out titled Killing Free SpeechIt features an exclusive interview with an official at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who struggles to answer questions about the status of women in Islam.

In the clip, which begins at 4:00 minutes in part one of the documentary, the executive director of CAIR New Jersey, James Sues, is repeatedly asked about a passage in the Koran stating that a woman’s legal testimony is worth only half of a man’s.

In his responses, Sues visibly struggles to reconcile the passage with his own beliefs, while rejecting the suggestion that the Islamic teaching ought to be scrapped or updated to respect modern norms about equal rights for men and women.

“It is the final word of God. It is the final revelation” says Sues. “The Koran cannot be changed.”

In response to Hansen’s questions about the status of women, Sues says “I think a woman’s testimony is valid … It’s a different legal system we have here…“

When pressed to give a direct answer, he says he thinks with “today’s educated women,” a woman’s testimony should be “just as valid” as a man’s. 

But he went on to say that his opinion doesn’t matter, because it’s inferior to the diktats of Islamic law. “God is above me — I have an inferior opinion,” concludes Sues.  more

5 Comments on Watch: CAIR Official Admits Women Don’t Have Equal Rights Under Sharia Law

  1. They are treated like inferiors, and if our new congress members are any example it’s justified.

  2. Well, it may be the final word of YOUR God, but if yer “religion” promotes killing of non-believers, throwing homosexuals of of a 3 or 4 story roof, punishing rape victims, beating women, mutilating women, stoning women, or selling yer 12 year old daughter as a “wife”…Yer not praying to the God above, yer praying to the one below!

  3. 35,323 Deadly iSlamic Terror Attacks since 9/11
    Just in June alone –
    Attacks: 139
    Killed: 1135
    Injured” 638
    Suicide Blasts: 17
    Countries: 27
    All other religions: 0

  4. @TRF….that’s not completely true….The Lutherans murdered some perfectly good cod and made it lutefisk….


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