Watch How Tucker Handles Being Confronted by Fly Fisherman Who Calls Him the ‘Worst Human Being’

Becker News: Tucker Carlson got into a tense confrontation at a sporting goods store in Livingston, Montana.

“You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that,” Dan Bailey told Tucker.

Dan Bailey posted the video on Instagram with a truly classless comment. “It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole!” Bailey said.

Bailey had more to say about Carlson on his Instagram video excerpt: “This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American.”

But what Bailey didn’t say is how Tucker Carlson showed him who the bigger man was with his reaction. more

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  1. These idiots sound like parrots with their buzz words, fascist, misinformation, racism, and obvious lack of proof of anything. Dan Bailey wanna cracker?

  2. NOT from Cali. He’s a local fishing guide. Montana is surprisingly liberal. But I’m sure the dude collects unemployment during his off season. 10 Chan claims the guys got a CIA background. Funniest thing of all, he’s a dead ringer for the new Pregnant man Emoji.

  3. I have a hard time believing any intelligence agancy would conspire with Tucker. The NSA and Tucker are not exactly on good terms

  4. Brad I don’t think that the CIA was conspiring WITH Tucker, I think they were conspiring AGAINST him – setting him up, trying to get a controversial reaction.

  5. Good job, Tucker. You’re triggering these assholes by exposing the corruption, lies, perversion, delusion, derangement and overall insanity.

    They’re worried about 2022 and 2024. It’s gonna get worse.

  6. Included in the link on this post is a video of Tucker being confronted by a citizen journalist , who goes by the name of Joe Boots or Yosef Bootski, while Tucker was fly fishing in a pond in Central Park, some eight years ago or so.

    Bootski had no idea who Tucker was, but was essentially challenging the legality of him fishing in the park. Tucker’s responses were classy and telling of his character – he graciously diffused the initial confrontation. It’s a good vid.

  7. If this puke is the son or grandson of the “original” Dan Bailey. the Dan Bailey Fly Shop in Livingston may take a hit from we natives – and probably should. Brad’s right! There ARE a lot of the brain dead in MT – and many of them are fly fishing posers. They sort of ruin it for the rest of us who like fly fishing. You can tell them on the river by their needlessly expensive gear, patches and posture – and the altitude of their noses. The worst of them seems to be in Bozeman, Nolackaloonies and Missoula although Livingston gets a bunch because of the town’s reputation. Our middle son, quite an excellent fly fisherman, used to like to bait them on the Missouri when he was younger. He’d show up in gaudy muscle shirts, shorts and sneakers and outfish all of them, using his own tied flies. He’d make a point of holding the giants up in the direction of the expensively garbed and equipped “proper people” while unhooking and releasing the fish. Sadly for me, our three sons no longer fly fish much because they cannot stand the ever growing presence of the posers. They, rightly I think, blame a lot of it on Redford’s excellent film of Norman Maclean’s river novel. Two of them used to fish the Gallatin (Redford’s stand in river for the Blackfoot in the novel) often but seldom do now because of the crowding.

  8. My grandfather had the Texaco and Firestone in Livingston. I’ve seen a few ass whoopings go down in Livingston and it was a fucking fat mouth lib both fly fisher both times.

    I spent a lot of time in that shop. One of the fish hanging on the wall is my grand father’s.

    FWIW, not. A mile from that shop is a hole I can throw a night crawler into when the river is muddy and haul a five lb rainbow out of within five minutes. I had just caught dinner for my grandpa and me in 1993 when a couple guys who were in town for a fly fishing seminar at Bailey’s. The river was too muddy to fly fish and they were going for a stroll and button holed me and started giving me shit about knocking that fish on a rock.

    I was shooting gophers up across the Boulder and ran a guy off, another guy came along and I started to run him off too. Then he said the first one I had run off was Tom Brokaw and didn’t I recognize him. I guess he had bought the place and I wouldn’t know him from Adam anyway, but I did recognize the name. He said his boss said that it was OK to shoot all I wanted, but just let them know where.

    52 mile bicycle ride down through the Paradise Valley to the park from Livingston. I used to ride it, up to Bridger Bowl or to Big Limber Banana (Big Timber Montana) about once a week. Livingston, Kalispell, Red Lodge etc have too many shitfingers in them any more for my liking. I liked them fine when I was a kid, but they are not the same. I’d rather spend my time in areas that haven’t been “discovered” yet.

  9. I never got into Fly Fishing. But I did the local Bass circuits for almost ten years. I never met a stick that wasn’t a conservative. Libtards are terrible stewards of our resources. Especially water. I can’t imagine it’s that different for honest to Gawd Fly Fisherman. I would like to take it up some day. As long as the boats do 80 mph. LOL

  10. Brad, I’ve done some fly fishing, there is a great deal of satisfaction in throwing a dry fly into a hole and have a rainbow trout hit it as soon as it hits the water. Especially if it’s about dinner time and that is the last fish you need for dinner. Just like you, I’ve got some great fishing stories. I love being out in the wild.

  11. Tucker is a total class person. Where was security in the store? Obviously a complete set up. Please research if the creep has anything to do with the store.

  12. @ Brad: Bass are a lot of fun on a fly rod too, especially the big ones. I used to fish for them with a small popping bug in KY farm ponds, when we still lived in KY. Once caught a lunker who had swallowed a smaller bass I’d caught and was stripping across the pond to get it off my bug. Helluva fight! Try it – you’ll like it!

  13. I haven’t met anyone yet from Montana that Wasn’t a member of the Communist Dem☭KKKratic Party!

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