Watch: Lib Militia Releases “Range Day” Footage… And It’s a Complete Joke – IOTW Report

Watch: Lib Militia Releases “Range Day” Footage… And It’s a Complete Joke

CT: We all know that because a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Few if any, however, have questioned what a poorly regulated militia is good for.

As it turns out, the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club has an answer to the inquiry almost no one was making. Poorly-regulated militias, it seems, are good for only one thing: laughs.

In case you missed our previous reportage on the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, it’s a “militia” made up of Arizona liberals who conspicuously rediscovered the Second Amendment right about the time that Donald Trump had become the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

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And please go see Pat Dollard’s take on this, too.
…The group has appeared to respond to criticisms of “LARPing” with fake guns by releasing a YouTube video entitled “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club – Range Day”. But this video ends up exposing not only the group’s laughable lack of experience with firearms, it all but confirms the (even more difficult to deny) accusation that their “open carry” demonstration did include several fake firearms.

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  1. Everything is fun and games until somebody shoots back.
    I have been to a lot of ranges and shoots, cheers, never happen.
    Are you sure nobody shot their foot? Damn poor safety and trigger control.
    One frog on the ridge, with a .308, bub bye.

  2. Sure, it’s a joke now. But if they keep at it, they will suck less when the balloon goes up. Don’t under-estimate them, that will leave a mark.

    One treasonous (or foreign) operator could turn that group of faggots into an effective group in a few months. Presume that is what is happening.

    If you’re not a communist pedophile, these people (and their wealthy owners) are planning to murder you, and your extended family.

    There is no middle ground in this.

  3. Shooting well takes time, practice and work, things these numb nuts are going to be willing to dedicate.

    The good news is that if it does come to shooting there are going to be a lot of weapons to pick up after this crowd gets mowed down trying to release their safeties and engage rapid fire on the their semi-autos.

  4. I think they were trying to do a multi-target speed drill, swear I heard a timer?

    Whatever the case, I’ll be on a hilltop plugging their filthy heads before they even see me. Should it ever come down to that.

  5. When you actually make eye contact with the person you are going to KILL after you pull the trigger it will change you for life, no matter what the circumstances. I don’t think those mental midgets have the stomach or the will to kill. I’ve killed a shit load of cardboard targets in my time and they haven’t haunted me yet! But engaging an enemy in close proximity is another story.

  6. The baddest shooting asshole on Earth started out as toothless, new-born baby.
    The fact that this even occurred to them should make us sit up and take notice.
    Russian infantry doctrine was “thousands of imbeciles armed with automatic weapons all firing at the enemy” and not giving a shit about casualties. Same with the Chinese, I think, though they prefer to fight unarmed civilians (as do the ragheads).
    We’ve been warned.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I saw that YouTube clip a week or so ago.

    I’m no NRA-trained Range Officer but I saw so many range-safety violations that I stopped counting after 50. Disgusting. And of course, if any of those Libtard fucktards had shot themselves or one of their communist comrades, it “would have been the gun’s fault.”

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