Watch: Pelosi spoke like a drunk and Nadler looked very very nervous

“This is not a well woman.”

The Democrats’ weird response to sending the impeachment articles to the Senate.

American Thinker: By Andrea Widburg

The past few years have disabused us of any notion that the American Congress is a solemn place, filled with statesmanlike, or at least decent, people working for the betterment of America and Americans.  To those few who still clung to that outdated idea, the House Democrats’ behavior when sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate shows that Congress is no longer a serious institution.

People of a certain age remember a time when drunkenness was played for laughs.  In the family-friendly show Bewitched, a running gag had a chronically drunk man invariably see Samantha practice magic — and, of course, no one believed him.  Foster Brooks’s imitation of a drunk was also a perennial favorite in the 1960s and early 1970s:

Lately, it’s easy to suspect that the Democrat party has its own version of Foster Brooks.  Don’t pay too much attention to what Nancy Pelosi is saying in this short video; just focus on her delivery: This is not a well woman, and that’s true whether what bedevils her is a biological ailment or something else.

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33 Comments on Watch: Pelosi spoke like a drunk and Nadler looked very very nervous

  1. Peelousy “impeachment Pens”…
    After all the crap is wiped off,
    They are still cheap government pens,
    She was pretending to sign something other,
    Than her own death warrant.

  2. I’ve been observing how haggard she’s been looking. She looks like she’s aged 20 yrs recently.
    All of that hatred is carving her full of stress lines beyond what her age is already providing.
    Time to retire you tattered old skank.

  3. “Nadler looked very very nervous.”
    I’ve never seen a nervous man who looked so much like Fat Bastard before.

  4. Dayum…I tried to watch the video…

    Fur, did you monkey with her eyebrows or did she do that to herself?

  5. Somedays Nancys’ face is wrinkle feee and then there are days that it is wrinkle city. The Botox shots are affecting her brain. The new false teeth don’t help.

  6. Nadler appears to be in his final days and barely hanging on. I believe he will die at some point during the “impeachment trial.” The same with Hunter Biden – I think he’s not long for this world, though rather young.

  7. Well I can see why even CNN had a panel that was like er not a good look, that was weird. Hey they begged for this and now Nancy will FOREVER have to wear this partisan sham around her neck. That and the complete shit hole her district turned into during her reign.

  8. Well I watched it with the sound off and it looks like Nancy is sick as maybe the flu. Anyway I think she is vomiting in her mouth and then swallow it. Yuck!

  9. One more thing I keep noticing about her, one of her eyebrows goes down the side of her face too long. WTH! I wonder who painted them on her, it makes me laugh….I know she did it while she was drinking a cocktail.

  10. I guess that is her “sad attire” — no make-up, no jewelry, a plain dress…

    Nancy, these stumbling videos of your evil, hate-filled machinations will remain for all future generations to see, for all time, to last forever. You’ll never escape this, your shameful legacy.

  11. Nasty Nance is holding on for dear life to that podium. One good nudge and she would be looking for those loose false teeth on the floor.


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