Watson: Shut Up, Serena Williams!

*salty language*

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  1. Watched the vid of her ridiculous behavior and what caught my attention especially was when she told Ramos to stop talking to her, that she wasn’t talking to him again until he apologizes.Then she starts talking to him again a minute later, even though he didn’t apologize.

    Like a true deflecting, projecting attention seeker who doesn’t really mean it when she says “Leave me alone” because in reality that’s the last thing she wants.

  2. Entitlement, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, that is a history lesson in words. Not the same as in manners, respect or decent, today’s spell check does not include being dis-respectful of each other, so why should you not delude yourself other than that, THE RACE CARD! Just spew RACIST and it’s all right. Even if you lost and sucked,,

  3. Gorilla. I often wondered what the
    Hoytey-Toytey old money rich thought
    about this “darkie’ who burst onto their
    favorite sport really think about her…

  4. Serena has the temper control of a spoiled 10 yr old. She was her own worst enemy through that ordeal. She knew she was going to lose and was looking for something to blame it on. Her disrespect for the game of tennis, the fans, the umpires, is off the charts. Why usta still allows her on the court shows the spineless nature of most pro sport admin.

  5. By the way, Serena’s husband is the Silicon Valley head of Reddit – which just banned kicked off a group discussing the cabal against Trump. Conspiracy theorists, you know.

  6. Shouldn’t the refs have a team handy on the sidelines with a dart gun to anesthetize this big yeti before someones killed?

  7. Wow! Just watched the entire episode. What a horror tennis has become. Cultural Marxism has thoroughly saturated tennis. The woman that is the head of US tennis(or, whatever it’s called?), actually stated, “This might not be the outcome we were hoping for…” The rudeness took my breath away. Naomi, the winner, is weeping. She cannot stop crying and they aren’t tears of joy. She did not smile one time. Poor girl. I just wanted to hold her tight and tell her how amazing she is. Un f***ing believable.


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