“We Don’t Have to Live with a Fraudulent Election” – IOTW Report

“We Don’t Have to Live with a Fraudulent Election”

Legal Scholar John Eastman Says State Legislature Has Authority to Replace Electors due to Fraudulent Results.

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  1. If this proceeds beyond proving that President* Dementia Joe Obiden Bama and Vice President* Kalamity Harris were not legally elected, it will have to be decided by the Supremely Gutless Court. They will never interfere in this fraudulent election as long as Roberts and the other Conservative Cowards refuse to recognize their oath compelled them to take the case before these two fraudsters were illegally installed.

  2. Marco

    I totally disagree, to a point. The “Federal” Supreme court has little to do with infringing on states rights and states constitutions. They’re separate for a reason. But we’re definitely venturing into uncharted waters. Buy more ammo.

  3. Sound like a broken record, but still hoping and praying that the election is given to the rightful Commander in Chief and everyone who participated in the steal get what they deserve. 🤨 JAIL TIME
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. I’m old and quite ready to go home . Anyone want to fuk with me ? Dirt nap sounds good to me . Worked my ass off all my life and I’m ready for the old dirt nap . BFYTW

  5. Miss Kitty — (I see you there. 😉 …and I’m still here, too.)

    I think that somewhat giddy expectation is caused in part by the fact that God has already claimed victory over this world — we’ve already won! But contending with the darkness of evil in between that claim and the rapture is up to us. You know this: prayer isn’t something we do when we’ve run out of options; it’s what we do because it’s always the first thing — God needs to hear from us. I, too, absolutely believe that our wildest dreams are possible with God. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, and who are called according to his purpose.”

    The piece that seems so hard for believers is getting right with God’s purpose. “…repent, turn away from sin…and he will heal your land.”

  6. “We Don’t Have to Live with a Fraudulent Election”

    That title is right. We don’t have to live with A Fraudulent Election. We have to live with a series of fraudulent elections for an unknown length of time into the future. Does anyone here have any confidence in the legitimacy of any future elections? Why or why not?

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. I would only add this for everyone’s consideration:

    You can’t fix what ain’t broken.

    Simple as that. Until Trump, conservatives knew what was broken (and even then I doubt we all knew just how incredibly so), but now there are people who had no interest whatsoever in gov’t or how it has failed. Now they do. It is well and truly broken and no can deny it — even when Fake News works time and overtime with their lies. Ha! Even the Fake News is on the ropes now because of their brokeness.

  8. Brad: Every legal dispute ends up in a Court eventually. The fraudsters who perpetrated the Installation of Dementia Joe and Kalamity will be filing lawsuits to prevent the State Legislatures from voiding the Electors who voted in the Electoral College as soon as a Republican controlled State Legislature acts to rescind those votes based on proof that the election was stolen. All of these legal disputes will have to be resolved, or dismissed, eventually by the Supreme Court. The only way the mostly gutless Justices will hear those cases is if they are convinced they have to because Americans won’t accept being governed by two incompetent thieves. They didn’t have the guts to hear the case when it would have made a fundamental difference, so what will convince them they have to hear it when it gets on their docket again?

  9. Marco, only a fear greater than the fear and greed that causes them to be TRAITOROUS BASTARDS in the first place.

  10. “All of these legal disputes will have to be resolved, or dismissed, eventually by the Supreme Court.”

    That’s incorrect. There’s been several times SCOTUS has refused to hear a dispute because it was a state issue. Now will that happen this time? The stakes are high. Who knows.

  11. Paul, “the former guy”? So is there a trans involved in this story now? You’re not being very clear or specific.

  12. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have consequences also. The left will continue to steal elections as long as we let them. They certainly like favorable rulings from the courts but if they don’t get them do anyone really expect them to pay any attention? They just stole an election. That is treason and if someone doesn’t hang for it, it will continue.

  13. Methinks “Paul” and “Thomas” (both apostolic names, no less) are the same silly and ignorant little, braying asses.

  14. Brad: Since these are Federal Offices, the only way to remove Dementia Joe and Kalamity from Office is through a Federal Court Decision that is upheld by the Supreme Court, or by Impeachment by the House of Representatives and Conviction in the Senate. In a few months, the entire country is going to have to deal with solid proof that the election was stolen.

    joe6pak: Absolutely correct. We the People have to convince the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS that we are not going to take this lying down. We will soon know if we can keep this Republic.

  15. In the meantime the Dems are stocking their army in the US with Cartel, MS13, illegals, and paid provocators to demolish cities. They won’t go down without a fight. Will all the illegal indebted to the cartel have to fight as well?
    Just getting things ready.

  16. Once the Electoral College has voted and Congress has certified that vote there is NO LEGAL METHOD left to overturn the result. Even if you can PROVE INDISPUTABLY that the results were fraudulent there is no legal method that can be used to undo the crime. The ONLY remedy “we the people” have to remove the criminals in power is the use of force….and since they WILL NOT GO PEACEFULLY that is what would be required to remove them from their illegitimate grasp on power.

  17. Marco

    Hope you understand I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you because who the fuck knows. I’m leaning on the founders convictions of separation of States from the Fed. However right now I don’t that our Constitution means shit. Sad days.

  18. Thomas
    Do you enjoy the high inflation for everything you purchase? How about when you fill up your gas tank? Oh wait, my bad, you probably drive an electric POS.

    The market took a dive today because the Fraud in Chief is running around scaring people with another scamdemic.

    But wait, you no longer have to read another tweet from President Trump, that must be such a load off your Commie Pinkos backs.

  19. On the bright side…….
    Trump “was not” supposed to win in 2016, completely blew the algorithm. The Dems couldn’t cheat fast enough to get Hilary into office.
    2020, thinking they had the election all rigged for a victory, Trump completely blew their new algorithm, again.
    So the vast majority of Americans still believe in AMERICA.

  20. Brad: I once believed that the Supremely Gutless Court would straighten this out, but they couldn’t be bothered, and I now believe the Court won’t remove the fraudulently installed Posers. The last time States decided to defend their sovereignty against the Federal Government, it didn’t end well. It’s not going to end well this time either, but that doesn’t mean we won’t prevail if we keep refusing to accept this outrage.

  21. Marco

    I just cant help thinking things are going to get messy if we plan on saving the Republic. Meanwhile I’ll hope and pray some individual states find some balls. If this does go bad my thoughts are it will happen so fast it will shock the hell out of most. Best be prepared.

  22. Brad: “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition.” Rudyard Kipling.
    Words to live by, even if he was a White Englishman who urged Americans to take up the White Man’s burden. I don’t think he anticipated Black Colored Lives would be so burdensome.

  23. Rudy Giuliani also said AZ Legislature has the authority.
    The woman running the hearings insists they don’t.
    Someone is right and I’d bet on Giuliani and Eastman.
    If and when the entire truth is proven and no one does anything the country is done.
    I’m saddened by the spinelessness.


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