We Need a New Coach

Black Monday saw 5 NFL coaches held responsible for their team’s outcomes.  Jim Geraghty does a nice summary on another leader that should lose his job for a lousy performance this last year.

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  1. We need a new coach.

    Sorry, that only happens in the private sector, where individuals are held accountable for their (lack of) accomplishments.

    Our system is broken. How else do explain the Loser-in-Chief’s second term, let alone his first?

  2. @BC
    As Rush says, The Limbaugh Theorem.

    Hail to the child that shouts out, ” But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

  3. Pro sports is a business. Decision-makers in business get fired when they screw up.

    Govt is a forced monopoly. Decision-makers in forced monopolies just tighten the screws when they screw up.

    There is nothing at all similar in the way govt works and the way the real, rational world works.

    Got anarchy? |-:

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