Welcome to San Francisco!

Every state has not-so-great areas.
But not every state makes them that way, Purposefully.

Welcome to San Francisco. With spectacularly high rent and taxes, our charming streets are overflowing with crime-ridden filth. San Francisco is the perfect place to force your failed policies on people while your city crumbles beneath your judgmental feet. And we have a big bridge.
– Power Tie.

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  1. …heh, weird, one of the ads on this page on my system are for discount vacations to San Francisco…

  2. Supernightshade – Also great discounts to stay in the Bahamas right now. Hmmm, I wonder what these two locations may have in common at this time? Destruction maybe?

  3. One of my favorite memories of SF sitting in a restaurant at 6:45 and seeing a line of tow trucks pulling around the corner. I asked the waitress about it and she told me there was no parking on any street around there after 7:00 PM. We canceled our order and while we were leaving I asked if this wasn’t bad for business for all the restaurants around the area and the manager said they were trying to get the city to change the restrictions. We never went back there.

  4. CC
    JANUARY 22, 2020 AT 4:57 PM
    “They have a big bridge, but isn’t it liberals themselves that say size doesn’t matter?”

    …do you think they’re compensating for something?


    …they have big, phallic buildings, too. Maybe it’s an Edifice Complex.

    ..but in THAT, Toronto wins,congrats, Kcir…



  5. I used to stay at the Holiday Inn @ California & Van Ness when I was in SF. Used to go down there all the time. You couldn’t pay me to go there today.

  6. All my life I thought I would visit San Francisco. Now I realize I have waited too long. There is nothing to see there anymore.


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