Well That Escalated Quickly

– TX Health Officials Now Admit 100 Residents May Have Been Exposed to Ebola
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Turns out the Ebola patient zero scenario is not at all likely to be an isolated event as the White House and CDC are trying to claim. Texas health officials are not admitting what many of us believed all along… many, MANY more were exposed to Ebola in the days Thomas Duncan roamed the Dallas area while infected. In fact, a new report shows that up to 100 may now be at risk of having Ebola.

Via NYT.

Health officials in Texas said Thursday that they had reached out to as many as 100 people who may have had contact — either directly or indirectly — with a Liberian man sick with the Ebola virus while he was contagious.

Of those people, only a handful have been isolated, including family members and the medical technicians who rushed the patient, Thomas E. Duncan, to the hospital on Sunday. Most on the list are there simply because they had contact with people who had had contact with Mr. Duncan.


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  1. Let’s see, a couple of insignificant rockets hit near the Israeli airport this Spring…ground all flights to Israel.

    Massive Ebola outbreak in Western Africa…WELCOME TO THE USA!

    Good thing Dallas has a tiny population.
    Wait, what?

  2. Local news not reporting much… Thank God for iotw and internet, we are able to piece together the real story! This is a really serious situation developing, although authorities saying all under control! Caca-del-toro!

  3. Oh yeah, they’re disinfected. That’s why every time I fly I find crinkled barf bags, magazines with food stuck on them… I’m thinking they only dust bust the seats and floor and move on.

    And when I’m leaving the plane, the whole place looks trashed like Rocky Horror Picture Show at the movie theater. lol

  4. Just think how easy it would have been to stop this. No planes from Africa period. Sure it’s racist but you get to live.
    I still think this was orchestrated by the the Obama régime. “Now people will be glad they have obamacare.”

  5. I think it’s time to realize that your Government is now conducting an open attack on it’s citizens using biological warfare. This shit is real and their aim is kill millions. Stock up on food, load your guns and for Christ sake stay out of airports, bus terminals etc.

  6. I see he’s “Thomas Duncan” now, instead of serial killer “Thomas Eric Duncan”.

    You might want to look into that, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  7. We have had a shortage of IV fluids for the past year and a subsequent rise in costs, so this is not good.

    They ought to quarantine the apartment clean-up crew as well.

  8. So while there’s no restrictions on air travel from Ebola-stricken countries, can we assume other infected people will seek to come here knowing they’ll get treatment once they arrive?

  9. As long as ‘Frick and frack’ are doing the hands on, public health aspect of sanitation with a pressure washer, we’re screwed. I absolutely can’t believe the incompetence.
    Maybe Ron propel could come up with something.
    Chuck Norris lives in Texas- be could take charge, and he wouldn’t tolerate any amateur crap along the way.

  10. The pressure washer was a kick in the nuts for me. Talk about doing the worst thing possible.

    I’ve also been reading the folks in isolation are “Tired” of staying at home.

    Not to worry, they’ll be going to the hospital in a few days.

    What a “Charlie Foxtrot” operation.

  11. I’ve read that the people in the apartment are getting visitors, coming and going throughout the day. That makes me so happy to hear that, and I’m sure it will make their quarantine easier and more enjoyable,

  12. Glenn Beck lives there, he could bring lots of teddy bears and soccer balls….that seems to be a great cure for all things. Bet he hopped a private jet to his ranch in Idaho. Just to be safe;)

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