Wendy Davis Sued Newspaper for Damaging Her Mental Health, Future Prospects

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Ever wonder what would happen if the media stopped literally fawning at Wendy Davis feet? It turns out she doesn’t respond well to criticism.

After losing a race for City Council in 1996, Wendy Davis filed a lawsuit against the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram citing “defamatory and libelous” remarks which caused her “to suffer damages to her mental health.”

The story of Davis’ unusual lawsuit was recounted by the San Antonio Express News Monday. The blog Sara for America has highlights:

Davis said in her lawsuit that the newspaper ran “a series of contrived and false news stories and editorials…with malicious intent.”

The lawsuit said “defamatory and libelous” remarks were made to inflict emotional distress and to deny her rights to free speech, assembly and association.

It said that “Davis has suffered and is continuing to suffer damages to her mental health, her physical health, her right to pursue public offices in the past and in the future, and to her legal career.” She sought unspecified damages, including “significant exemplary damages.”

One really has to stop and soak in the idea that Wendy Davis, a pure media creation attempting to translate her 15 minutes of pink-sneakered fame into a ticket to the Governor’s mansion, once sued a newspaper for hurting her feelings.

Actually, the paper wasn’t being unfair at all, it was pointing out that she was a sleazy candidate. From National Review:

Specifically cited [in the lawsuit[ is a Star-Telegram editorial published the day of the runoff election between Davis and opponent Cathy Hirt, whom the paper had endorsed. The editorial expressed “disappointment” at an opposition-research flier that Davis’s campaign had circulated in the days leading up to the election and that, among other things, attacked Hirt for failing multiple times to pass the Tennessee bar exam and raised questions about whether Hirt had practiced law in Texas illegally.




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  1. I would venture to say that Davis wasn’t mentally healthy to begin with. What a piece of work.

  2. They must have published pictures of her pre-plastic surgery face. And speaking of nip/tuck, Wendy, you might want to get Dr. Troy to fix that glass jaw.

  3. Abortion Barbie has a thin skin, like most progs. I’m here playing the world’s smallest violin for her hurt feelings.

  4. You know who hurt Abortion Barbie’s future prospects? The same bimbo staring back at her in the mirror.

  5. Applicant: Wendy Davis
    Job Desired: Governor or Cute Footwear Model
    Skills: Excellent filibuster skills, but not as effective when other people are allowed to speak.
    Positives: Killer hair.
    Negatives: Feelings easily hurt. Mental health not so good. Really sore loser. Probably will end up suing you for something.
    Personal Goals: To make the world safer for baby-killers. It’s why I was born.

  6. I would have never guessed that a woman who has undergone extensive plastic surgery, and who’s number one issue is killing babies up to 9 months of gestation…

    is bats**** crazy.

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