Were faith leaders invited to Wheaton College under false pretenses?

ONN: Some of the evangelical leaders invited to a meeting near Chicago this week reportedly headed for the exits when it became clear that “Trump-bashing” was on the agenda.

Attendees of this week’s invitation-only meeting of evangelicals at Wheaton College were assured that it wouldn’t be about President Trump, but how to recover the evangelical distinctives and present a united front to a watching world. But Jenna Browder of CBN told Fox & Friends it quickly morphed into something else entirely.

“This was supposed to be a meeting … about evangelism and about faith,” Browder said, “but from what we understand it really turned quickly into a Trump-bashing.”

Browder’s colleague David Brody, also on Fox & Friends, described the gathering as “one-sided venting” and said some of the invitees were blindsided. “This was a two-day conference. The first [day] became basically this anti-Donald Trump free-for-all and got so many folks ticked off [that some] people walked out,” he stated.  MORE


4 Comments on Were faith leaders invited to Wheaton College under false pretenses?

  1. Find the organizers. They’re the ones setting the agenda. Damn them to hell. But that might not work. Libtards don’t believe in anything higher than themselves. (this is why they hate Christianity). Libtardism is its own self-contained cult and religion.

  2. Why on earth would anyone believe holding a hatefest would change anyone’s mind about the president? Especially when it appears to have been a bait and switch effort all along?

    Answer: Only the left, they’re devoid of any other response the president’s ongoing success.

  3. I really liked what Franklin Graham said. The article has a link to his Facebook page, but you don’t need a Fascistbook account to read it (I don’t).


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