What AR-15s and Plastic Straws Share, and Why Banning “Assault Rifles” Won’t Save One Life

But first, watch this cute little girl shoot her first AR-15.


How did AR-15s become the plastic straws of the gun world? It’s simple: Demagogues need scapegoats. Yet just as banning plastic straws won’t make a dent in the ocean-polluting plastics problem, banning “assault rifles” (which aren’t) won’t save even one life.

It’s tragic how, just like faddish teenagers playing a dangerous or stupid social-media-driven prank, so-called adults go on misguided, media-driven, lynch-mob kicks. Remember when SUVs were demonized as planet killers approximately 15 to 20 years ago? Some environmentalists claimed that SUV drivers were essentially “hate group” members, and other vandalism-crazy greenies would, ironically, set fire to the vehicles to combat global warming. Yet SUVs currently appear more popular than ever, and all is quiet on the gas-guzzler front. What happened? The demagogues and their dupes have moved on to a different neurotic fixation.

Now the suburban soccer mom can drive her Panzer-size SUV (by the by, back in the “day” they were called “trucks”—ah, marketing) content in the “feeling” that she’s saving the environment because she supports banning plastic straws. Never mind that doing so likely won’t save even one marine mammal, since the U.S. is responsible for only one percent of ocean-polluting plastics, and straws account for just 0.025 percent of that. Never mind that anti-“strawism” began with erroneous claims in a nine-year-old’s science project (ugh, beam me up, Scotty). The lynch mob must be fed, and plastic straw users, well, really suck….

Joining straws in the dock, and giving new meaning to demonizing the one percent, are Assault Rifles”. Not only are they used in, approximately, just one percent of homicides, they aren’t even “assault rifles,” a term that had always referred to weapons that could be fired fully automatic or in more than one way (fully auto, three-shot bursts, etc). Now the term is being applied to semi-automatic (one trigger pull, one shot) rifles with certain cosmetic features (a military “look”), which is a bit like putting a Porsche body on a Yugo chassis and claiming the car will win races. read more

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  1. Great! A little 7-year old girl knows that guns are not dangerous.

    No fear that the cursed AR-15 will pop up, install its own magazine and shoot the girl and her father and the cameraman, as they check the target.

    Are they fearless, or stupid, or perhaps they know an inanimate object cannot spontaneously animate! Pay attention you feckless SJWs and Beto-the-jackass.

  2. I’m sending this video to my daughter and saying

    “Make me one of these.”

    (And I’m not talking about the AR-15)

  3. the point of the little girl shooting an AR is that the AR is such an easy rifle to shoot … only a little more recoil than a .22, due to it’s beautiful recoil system & the low chamber of the bullet (.223) … a Ruger mini-15 is easier … just not as scary looking to those that know nothing about guns, particularly rifles.

    article was well-written & made great logical points … that’s why progtard socialists will have a hard time w/ it … they only have uncomfortable feeeeelz … same reaction as a flock of sheep

  4. But it’s easier to blame the gun for causing the murders than it is to delve into the things that make people decide to kill other people they don’t even know.

    And it’s safer for leftist policies to blame the gun instead of the moral collapse and lack of any respect for human life along with psychiatric drug use, which is the result of Leftist anti-moral and anti-Christian policies on every level. Add in a general lack of respect for human life that has been generated by the abortion industry and you have the formula for creating mindless killers.

    All the things the Left promotes and stands up for, that is where you will find the real causes of mass shootings and deadly violence, which is why the only talk is about what is being used to kill people, pretending it is the cause, instead of addressing why the berserker killers are killing people.

  5. It is all about power and control and the best way to achieve it is thru an emotional tie-in or enemy. Have you ever noticed that Leftists always have to be “fighting” for something? It is the very same methodology that dictators use attain power. Set up (gin up) a common “enemy” to rally the people to “fight” against. It doesn’t have to be something real, just something to hate! That’s also why they are experts at telling The BIG Lie!
    Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste!
    Don’t have a good crisis?
    Create one! (or just make it up)

  6. SUVS are the new station wagons. The small child’s car seating is so bulky, you have to have a SUV if you have more then 2 kids. Also parents have have space for all the stuff kids seem to need to have these days.

  7. the ideal platform for kids due to the adjustable butt stock. My daughter will be getting hers put together before rock chuck season in the spring. Her 17 Hornet ran out of gas past two fifty and she wants to shoot out further next year.

    Here’s a big hint: use the Magpul UBR stock, I know it is spendy, but it is “that good,” and my theory is – I wouldn’t put something on the kids guns that I would not be proud to have on my own. The UBR is FAR AND AWAY the best adjustable stock out there.

    That rest is a copy of the Bulls Bag, I built a plywood platform for ours that has a Manfrotto camera quick release to attach it to one of our camera/spotting scope tripods. With a video pan head the whole thing moves north, south, east & west and the kid just has to pull the trigger when the sights look good.

    The reason she needs to get hers built is that all they have now is a carbine that was put together from take off parts that were laying around from back in the days I shot high power matches and everyone came to my house to upgrade. It’s good for a couple inches at a buck fifty, not nearly good enough for 400 yard rockchuck shooting.

  8. The progs keep going on about guns killing people, but in the news and on cable documentaries, I notice a lot, and I mean a lot, of women poisoning family members and co-workers. Not just now, but through the ages. Remember that bitch in the 80s with the Tylenol tampering? She’s the reason everything is sealed and shrink-wrapped.

  9. I use them on bench and bi pod rifles so weigh isn’t a deal breaker. I personally like a plain Jane A2 stock myself. My bench AR has a PRS and it is a pig, but it has a 24 inch bull barrel. My daughter is 11 years old and Rainier Arms and Aero Precision are both under 15 minutes away. Her personal AR will have a 20 inch Rainier SM mid weight barrel and be great for bench or bipod. We have carbines by the bushel basket for walking around, a couple are pretty darn accurate too. This one will be all hers, the only help she is going to get is in torquing the barrel nut.


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