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What are Senate Conservatives Going to Do about McConnell?

American Thinker:

By J. Robert Smith

The script is sickeningly familiar by now, isn’t it?  Establishment Republicans — led throughout the ’22 elections and in their aftermath by the notorious Kentucky senator-for-life Mitch McConnell — betrayed their party’s base, which is staunchly conservative, increasingly in an America First sorta way. 

Yes, lest one is confused because of all the serial betrayals, we’re referring to the gross obscenity called the “$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill.”  For true-blue conservatives, the brazen middle-finger thrust rudely into their faces by McConnell and seventeen other Senate go-alongs should be an act of war.  Political war, that is. 

The first major offensive in this war needs to be led by Senate conservatives.  The mission is audacious, as well it should be given the stakes: bringing down D.C.-lovin’ Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader.  Ace out dull John Thune as heir-apparent.  Install Rick Scott as the new leader.  The grassroots needs to undergird the fight and sustain it. 

Why war?  Because the character of this betrayal is precedent-setting.  It sticks out defiantly like owlish Mitch’s raised middle finger.  You see, as stupid as Republicans are — and, by God, they can be an awfully dumb bunch — McConnell and his troop of monolith-agitated apes have realized in their dull-wittedness that they really aren’t beholden to their voters, other than tossing them bleach-whitened toothy grins and occasional bones.

In this budget vote there’s an underlying decision of momentous importance.  It’s downright troubling.  MORE
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  1. I’m confident that a cost-benefit analysis will result in an answer of ‘nothing’.

    Too many senate conservatives have got their nests feathered totally to their liking. Why would they want to tear them asunder?

  2. As surely as Pence will be the 2024 nominee (Hey he did the time to earn the right as VP and besides the Demmies owe him) nothing will stop the ChiCom’s continued lining of McConnell’s pockets.

  3. Senate conservatives? All 6 or 7 of them? Wow, a force to be reckoned with huh?

    Vance could be a real winner, same with Schmitt-although Eric Greitens was my pick. Hawley and Paul are about the best. Budd could be another winner. Grassly?…yeah. Kennedy is good too.

    That’s our representation. Good luck boys. You have 100% of the dems hating your guts and McConnell’s bunch out to knife you

    We don’t have a government, we have a criminal cartel laughing at the idea of getting “voted” out of power that thinks it can indefinitely conjure up trillions in fairy dust money to maintain it’s illusionary belief that it has a monopoly on violence.

  4. No budgets ever get passed anymore because it means looking at money available and money spent. Just print more money when China won’t loan you more you don’t have to spend on $140 Million to secure foreign countries borders and not your own. It doesn’t matter which side you vote for anymore. On a side note I like fireworks (being New year’s Eve is coming up or something)!

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