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What Can Brownback Do For You?


Tax Policy: Liberals threw every punch they had at Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback last fall, hoping to unseat the Republican for the sin of cutting tax rates to stimulate job growth and economic revival. Guess who’s still standing.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback discusses income tax cuts in his office in Topeka, Kan., on August 17, 2012.  Three months earlier, Brownback signed into...

From the New York Times to the Kansas City Star, Brownback’s agenda was denounced as a failure and a warning to others of what happens when you try to ride the Laffer Curve and cut taxes.

Here’s what you won’t read today: The tax cut is working. Labor Department data show job growth in Kansas tied with Utah as the fastest in the nation in February.

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5 Comments on What Can Brownback Do For You?

  1. Great minds, Fur! I was just coming over to add this to the Bullpen. Remember when everyone was trashing Brownback before the last election for his tax cuts?

    I’ve been a fan since he was in Congress, so I was depressed when the MFM made it sound like he was going to lose big. Lucky for Kansas, he’s still there! Reaganomics works!

  2. I don’t know why anybody listens to the left. They are always in high dudgeon and always wrong.

  3. Oh! And one other thing…

    All of this economic activity is happening at 23% national unemployment!

    Which means the democrat controlled states have even worse unemployment than they’ll admit and the intelligent states are a good deal lower than the national number.

    So all of this is happening in spite of Obama’s manipulation to destroy our economy.

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