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What Christmas is All About – A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

December 1965 

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  1. Apple bought the exclusive rights to Charlie Brown Christmas.
    We don’t own a single Apple product or subscribe to Apple tv.
    So…I bought a small dvd player and the dvd. Frig Apple.

  2. I have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in a box in the hall closet. Living alone, I didn’t dig it out this year, going to my girl friends house and she’ll have the place decked out. Getting old and have few if any visitors so the tree is off duty this year. Not that I don’t think Christmas is important, but I’m just dealing with the weather right now. Merry Christmas to anyone who has the spunk. I’m trying not to let the old man in.

  3. OT OT OT

    Am still a dozen or two behind on the letters.
    Need to ask (maybe answer) a pelt question.

    What critter lives in the way cold northern American climate of Middle Northern edged States that looks like a mink?

    Is it a musk rat? I do not know but all of a sudden I kind of do.

    Did anyone reading this that was around Christmas of 1985 and they had a friend bring a friend over that was still young too and needed help being shown how to skin a mink and salt it. I do not remember the Skinners name nor the hunting partner friends name. Lost contact with all of them over the seasons.

    Additional info: Real Mink or Muskrat. Never found out. I did find out later that Fleas do live in extreme cold climates on salted skins. My mini-fridge where I kept my Hambugers from the midnight meal in a cardboard box takeaway place next door to my building caught a couple of those little jumpers.

    Any Mink Musk experts here?

  4. Go back to read more letters and turn on Fox and lo and behold

    There is a Skinner talking about Guns and Butter.

    Just now. Check the Record.

    It’s like someone is reading the stream

  5. The network didn’t want to include Linus’ speech in the original broadcast. Charles Schultz told them the speech stayed in or no Charlie Brown special. So they left it in and the rest, as they say, is history.


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