What do Jeb Bush Jr. and George Soros have in common?


Soros Funded Group Led By Bush Running Attack Ad Directed at Trump, Walker and Cruz During CNN Debate (VIDEO)

LibertyNews: The National Immigration Forum Action Fund (also known as NITAF) will be running an attack ad featuring the words of Ronald Reagan during Wednesday’s GOP Debate on CNN.

The ad, titled simply as “Better” utilizes cherry-picked excerpts of Reagan’s 1989 farewell speech while attempting to make the Republican candidates appear as anti-immigration radicals. Completely disregarding any semblance of context, the ad plays sound bites of the three candidates discussing illegal immigration and the need for our nation to enforce immigration laws.

The irony of the NITAF’s ad is that the group is funded by liberal puppet master George Soros, a man that once proudly proclaimed the “best year of his life” was living under the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Even worse, Soros is one of the main individuals funding the BlackLivesMatter movement. The reason it is pertinent to understand exactly what type of monster Soros is, is that he is an expert in using race as a means to control the political field.

Now add in the Bush factor… NITAF is under the umbrella of the National Immigration Forum which is led by none other than Jeb Bush, Jr.  more

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  1. Makes you wonder if CNN’s blunder, identifying a woman in the audience as Nancy Reagan, was nothing more than a Soros look alike plant to draw attention to this ad…

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