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What does Bernie think a gun is for?!

PatriotRetort: The push to use the terrorist attack in Orlando to advance gun control is in full swing. Senator Bernie Sanders, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press said this:

“I believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons which are designed to kill people.”

Automatic weapons aren’t sold to people without a complete and thorough background check and a permit from the ATF. You can’t just go into a gun store and walk out with a fully automatic Kalashnikov. But let’s leave that aside. I don’t expect Bernie Sanders to know the finer points of gun licensing. I mean, this guy’s whole campaign is based on an economic model that does not work and he has yet to noodle that out. He’s not exactly the brightest star in the firmament.

What really grates my cheese about this stupid statement is the “which are designed to kill people” part.

A firearm is not like a knife. Yes, a knife can be used to kill, but it also has many other handy functions. You can peel an apple, cut a pie, slice a pizza, and, if you’re John Kasich, use that knife to cut that slice of pizza into smaller, neater, bite-sized portions.

But a gun has one purpose.

I don’t look at my Mossberg 12-gauge with the pistol-grip and think, “You know, this makes one heck of a paperweight.”

I own a gun for self-defense. I don’t keep it loaded and on hand in case I have a particularly difficult walnut to crack.  MORE

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  1. Guns are not designed solely to kill people, because people carry guns to prevent themselves from being killed by either killing a deadly assailant, or making it known to the assailant that his victim can defend himself.

  2. Of course there are lots of other uses guns are designed to do that have nothing to do with killing people. There are several different flavors of handgun competition where you shoot (or don’t shoot) at inanimate targets. There are several different flavors of rifle competition with varying distances, target sizes/types, and shooting positions. There are a lot of hunters who actually put food on their table with their guns.

    Plus there’s the simple act of owning firearms to give pause to any govt tyrant or tyrant wannabes, and then there’s the most important non-person-killing reason of all:

    Owning guns pisses off liberal/collectivist assholes.

  3. “Gun control” has NOTHING to do with guns – and everything to do with “control.”
    Athens had “knife control” and The Thirty ruled by means of their bully-boys being exempt. Charlemagne had “pike control” and ruled by means of having his armies exempt. England introduced “dirk control” in Scotland after Culloden and ruled by means of their armies being exempt. Hitler had “all weapons control” of the Jews and “gun control” of regular Germans and ruled by having his GESTAPO, SS, SA (&c.) exempt. The Shah had “gun control” and ruled by having his SAVAK exempt. The USSR had “gun control” and ruled by having the NKVD and KGB exempt. Cuba has “gun control” and …

    You get the picture. Apparently, the socialists discern a necessity for “gun control” but are reticent about their ultimate purpose. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with public safety.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I’m going to begin asking anti-gun people just where in the process of “getting guns off the streets” should the police be disarmed? And the armed guards that surround govt VIPs and their corporate cronies?

    Oh, the police are highly trained and don’t shoot innocent people? Sorry, yes they do shoot innocent people, and at a rate a lot, I mean a LOT, higher than those Americans who have obeyed all those stupid firearms laws.

  5. My heart goes out to those who were killed or injured and to their families but apparently not one of the victims was exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms and defend themselves. The police responded fairly rapidly but still could not prevent the deaths that occurred.

    Get training, obtain a carry permit if required in your state and don’t leave home without your firearm. The Government can’t protect you, especially the Government we have now with obama in charge.

  6. “… the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”
    …exactly what part of that don’t you understand? … Comrade

  7. One thing I’m sure of is when there is a islamic terrorist
    attack, like this horror in Orlando, guns,the NRA, and the 2nd Amendment will be “automatically assaulted” by the Lib/Prog/Socialists of the world, both in government and out.
    That’s their “automatic assault” weapon against everyday Americans.

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