What Is An Assault Weapon?

Let’s watch a Liberal explain it. It’s sadly hilarious.

The Single Worst Explanation Of Assault Weapons By A Liberal…EVER! – Dan Bongino Show Clips. [The Liberal explanation starts at 1:45]

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  1. My favorite assault rifle when growing up.

    Lucas McCain rapid fire and held at waist level.
    He usually killed at least one bad guy each week, but they were really bad and he went back to being a great role model for his son.

  2. I think he should explain before the TELEVISED national democrap convention (and American public), what an, “assault weapon” is 🤪, so ALL THE WORLD may behold his genius… which can ONLY HELP the democrap cause! 🤣

  3. From now on I’m not going to let “assault weapon” go unchallenged. It’s a “Personal Defense Firearm”. That’s why I have it, and that is what it would be used for if needed. I have no intention of assaulting any one with it except for defensive purposes.

  4. This is a Babylon Bee video right. Please, please, please tell me this is satire. Nobody, and I mean nobody could possibly take this moronic, idiotic, nincompoopish, brainless fool seriously. If his description was in anyway factual, how does he explain the sights and ability to mount optics on them. We are being ruled over by imbeciles.

  5. “assault weapon”
    “climate change”
    “undocumented workers”
    “create good-paying jobs”
    “economic fairness”
    “environmental justice”
    “economic security”

    all the same … signifying absolutely undefinable garbage to whip up the stupid & gullible …. been going on since Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro … now, we have the D’rats

    p.s. got most of these slogans from the 2020 D’rat Platform

  6. Pretty soon it will be illegal in VA to call this petulant child a retard. Seems he went to all the socialist indoctrination centers, I’ll bet he never worked a real job. This is exactly the kind of parasite you don’t want representing you. A degree doesn’t make you competent.

    Obviously a relocated fair from another state that managed to hoodwink Alexandria.

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