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What Is Joe Manchin Up To?

Don Surber: Joe Manchin’s latest scheme

Senator Joe Manchin, D-Joe Manchin, has a very poor chance of re-election next year as West Virginia’s Republican Governor Jim Justice wants the job.

Justice is a billionaire willing to spend what he needs to in the campaign.

Manchin is a multi-millionaire willing to spend whatever someone gives him in the campaign. He tarnished his credentials among Democrats by giving them a hard time in Biden’s first couple of years in office. Oh sure, eventually he voted for the New Green Deal — its official name is Inflation Reduction Act — but he annoyed the ultra-extremists left-wing of the one-wing party.

Plus, Democrats really don’t like West Virginia. It’s old, white and poor. It is annoying. Remember the Princess and the Pea? She couldn’t sleep because there was a pea underneath the 19 mattresses on which she slept. Democrats are all Princesses now and you had better not annoy them

Manchin wants money to run for the Senate next year so he is threatening to run for president next year as a No Labels party candidate. The narrative from the DNC to the DC press is this will re-elect President Donald John Trump. more here

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  1. He’s be better off doing a high wire act in a circus. all he does is straddle the line. No xomvictions. He is untrustworthy and I can’t wait to read his political obituary

  2. Manchin plays the ends against the middle. He gets what he wants by waiting.

    People don’t run for office to win. They run for the donations which they kick down to relatives who are “campaign employees”. A win is a plus.

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