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What Was in The Trump Documents Creating Such Fear in DOJ and FBI?


In Part One we outlined the background of the modern Deep State {Go Deep}. In Part Two we outlined the specifics of how President Trump was targeted by political operatives using tools created by the DC system {Go Deep}.  In Part Three we outlined how and why President Trump was blocked from releasing documents {Go Deep}.  Here in Part 4, we begin to assemble the specifics of what documents likely existed in Mar-a-Lago.

It is important to remember, the presidential records act –the presented pretext for the document conflict– is not a criminal statute.  An FBI raid cannot be predicated on a document conflict between the National Archives and a former president.

The DOJ-NSD warrant, and the subsequent raid on Mar-a-Lago can only be related to records the U.S. government deems “classified” and material vital to national security interests.  Hence, DOJ National Security Division involvement.

In prior outlines we have exhaustively covered the details of President Trump’s desire to publicly release information about DOJ and FBI conduct in their targeting of him during the fabricated Trump-Russia claims.  However, to understand the nature of the documents he may hold, we first review the declassification memo provided by President Trump to the DOJ upon his departure from office.

In broad terms there are two sets of documents that intermingle and are directly related. First, documents that highlight the activity of Hillary Clinton’s team in creating the false Trump-Russia conspiracy theory (2015/2016).  Second, documents that highlight the activity of government officials targeting Donald Trump within the same timeframe (Crossfire Hurricane), that continued into 2017, 2018 and 2019 (Robert Mueller). more here

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  1. We know the FBI fabricated evidence presented to the FISA court to frame President Trump, and we know they bugged his Campaign HQ. But if we suggest they might have planted evidence at Mar-A-Lago, then we are crazy conspiracy theorists.

  2. It is safe to assume that any and all employees of the FBI, DOJ or any single one of the alphabet Agencies that has not come forward with the goods on what is going on therein and is in on it.

  3. I’m assuming whatever was left a MAL was left there to be “found”

    Question: “How do you enter evidence into the record?”


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