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What’s behind Southwest Airlines’s nightmare meltdown? It’s not just the weather.

Based Politics: Not everyone got a white Christmas this year, but pretty much everyone did get a cold one. The Arctic chill that swept across the country left thousands without power, and (according to Southwest Airlines) was responsible for thousands of canceled flights as well.

The airline canceled over 2,900 flights on Monday alone, as well as 2,500 for Tuesday and many well into Wednesday too. That’s between 60% to 70% of its overall daily flight schedules. But while Southwest blamed the weather for the meltdown, other airlines did not experience similar issues.

In fact, 50% of all canceled flights on Monday were on Southwest. Delta canceled a mere 262 flights in comparison, followed by United with 133 and then American with only 12 (though they did have nearly 800 delays). Many are calling the implosion at Southwest one of the biggest travel debacles in history, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

The company’s hotline reportedly had a five hour plus wait, which mirrored times customers waited in line to speak to a gate agent as well. MORE

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  1. Drove four hours to get to the airport the day after Christmas. Southwest cancelled my flight at 9:30 that evening. I spent a total of eight hours on the road, $120 for gas, $170 for a hotel room, and $50 for meals. My flight only cost me $11 (tax) because I use their Visa and accumulate points.

    What a total WASTE of my time and money. My family in Ohio isn’t very happy, either.

  2. I will be interesting to see how long Southwest sticks with their lame “Act of God” weather excuse when so few other airlines’ flights were canceled. I expect in the long run this mess will be VERY expensive for them.

  3. The big issue here is whether or not these technical issues also show up in maintenance. Alaska Airlines used to be considered a premiere airline until one of their planes crashed because the airline was too cheap to maintain their planes and just falsified maintenance records

  4. Doesn’t SW Airlines serve almost all of the major city’s airports? Wouldn’t that account for the larger-than-other-airlines number of cancellations?

    I’m just suspect because Biden wants to blame SW Airlines for the weather.

    Biden is a reality denier.

  5. Southwest is a tool of the communist oligarchy determined to cause as much misery as possible. Just like other crony capitalist companies, Southwest was not created to be profitable. They exist to be a conduit for socialist agendas.

    The Southwest disaster is part of a list of orchestrated disruptions,chaos and shortages created to make inflation and current recession permanent. Draining savings and incomes.
    A planned strategy to establish control by the left.

    Sadly, most American citizens have no idea they’re the target of a corrupt government trying to erode their freedom and liberty.

  6. Only one has pointed to the financial fuckery and bitcoin style financial cryptological APP driven accounting and financing and payrols and hotels booking and rental cars and 10’s and 10’s and 10’s of thousands, nay, millions of account numbers and debits and credits and keeping track when a shitload of cryptobits went missing like just not long ago down in the Bahamas and it was just like yesterday but still, after all that, there is still only one here that points out something that is apparently not so obvious to anyone elase but there is cryptofuckery at the bottom of all of it.

    And a lot of missing money that Anthony Scaramucci is so so so quiet about. Anybody heard from Anthony Scaramucci lately?

    I just heard his name crop up in ANOTHER financial fuckery coverup. Wassup Anthony. You been quiet busy. You little New Yawker.

  7. @Cynic – ding, ding, ding. From a friend who works for SW, they’re using a very outdated system and when there were problems, they ended up doing it all manually. What could possibly go wrong?


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