What’s Black and Yellow and Has Far Too Many Legs? – IOTW Report

What’s Black and Yellow and Has Far Too Many Legs?

New York and New Jersey are about to find out.

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  1. BTW I read another article on this. ‘Venomous’ was explained – ALL spiders are venomous, but this one, like most, is completely harmless to humans. So ‘venomous’ is just to scare you into reading the article.
    Regardless, they are big and ugly. But guess what – they are already in Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia,…

  2. They have been all over GA for a couple of years now. Biggest impact is how huge their webs can get, along vwith the spiders. Also, the normal garden spiders are greatly reduced. I killed about 25 of them last year and haven’t seen any yet this year. Their website are easy to spot as they are three dimensional rather than flat like the typical spider web. Be far more concerned about their next PLANNEDEMIC.

  3. So, we’re been trading with China since the early 70’s, and Taiwan forever, but only since 2013 have these things been “unintentionally” imported? Unintentional? I think not.

  4. LCD is correct. They have been here in the states for years. As far as biting people or other animals, their fangs are likely not able to pierce the skin. Maybe the big ones, but they rarely get bigger than a babies hand (with the legs extended, not the body). We already have those here.

    Fear Porn.

  5. @Left Coast Dan THURSDAY, 6 JUNE 2024, 8:26 AT 8:26 AM
    Agreed, so why does the dumb ass media always show an unprotected hand holding on to the ‘venomous ‘ creature

  6. There’s an old saying: “the creek won’t clear until you get the pigs out of it”. The media think it’s their job to distract us from what the real agenda is by sensationalizing minor things.

  7. We have banana spiders in Florida, so no big deal. As a kid, nothing would freak you out more than riding your bike into one of their webs and getting the web all tangled up on your face.

  8. Meh. I used to provide EMS coverage to a mega grocery store, and there were two times we were extra busy there; when they handed out new box cutters and when they got in a shipment of banannas.

    The box cutters were because they somehow could only cut themselves with a sharp knife, and once they dulled a bit we’d stop getting calls til the next time.

    The banannas were because there was usually a tarantula or two in the shipment, and a new hire blindly got hold of one that didnt want to be held.

    They are not particuarly dangerous to humans, but because there WAS a possibility of an allergic reaction AND because the finder was too freaked out to do anything else, we’d generally take them to the nearby hospital if they wanted to go.

    It was only a few blocks over anyway, which was good since those two events sometimes came on the same night…

  9. …which brings to mind that I have little clusters (hatches? broods?) of black and yellow spiders to kill today….only pinhead sized, so the 410 can stay in tjye closet.

  10. I learned to proceed through the woods in the dark while headed to my deer stand by holding my rifle in front of me to block the banana spiders from crawling all over my face. I also wore thick leather boots to protect me from the copperheads and water moccasins on the trail. The mosquitos were another story.

  11. Anymouse
    THURSDAY, 6 JUNE 2024, 21:59 AT 9:59 PM
    “The banana shipment are supposed to be gassed with Nitrogen to take out the unwanted critters.”

    …”supposed” to be.

    This was a very large but ver cheap chain that ended up very bankrupt, so there were a lot of things they were “supposed” to be doing, but weren’t…


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