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  1. Recommend skipping his ‘thickening’ ingredients (corn starch, etc.) at the end and use some potato in the vegetable mix to begin with and let it cook down all the way. Better flavor, and better nutrition! (Leave the skins on.)

  2. The stock is the secret to good soup. That prepared chicken stock they sell in stores is a joke. I think they show a bottle of water to a chicken and call it Broth or Stock.

  3. Yes, joe6pak! Mashed potatoes are good for so many other dishes.

    Such as potatoes and various bisques. Don’t get me started!

    (Damn, now I want fried potato patties topped with fried eggs.)

  4. @ Different Tim,,,, Yep, spoons dumplings or matso balls will thicken the soup as well, which reminds me that a Jewish Grandma might make the best chicken soup ever…..I’m looking for one about 45/50ish and athletically built….Have soup, will travel…

  5. The thing that bothers me a bit about his soup is him removing most of the vegetables used to make the stock. He puts ’em on the compost? Noooo! If you grew your own, you’d NEVER do that!

    (How many of us, in our old age, love to cook more than ever?)


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