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What’s going on in China right now?

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

The huge protests engulfing China right now against lockdowns have left a lot of people wondering if these are just protests.  The size, and scope, and vehemence, and fearlessness of the Chinese public against their very oppressive communist masters has made them appear to be a mass movement.  In Shanghai, they are calling for the ouster of the entire Communist Party of China.  When a billion-strong nation rises up on a cause that has unified them such as this, there’s clearly the scent of revolution in the air.

The New York Times did a huge spread on the matter this morning, and it is worth looking at here.

I wrote about its particulars with Twitter videos from Chinese locals yesterday here.

I see tweets from financial market types who watch China.

How do we explain this, how do we judge it, and is this just another round of protests that ends up leaving the status quo, such as we continuously see in places run by other dictatorships beset by protests, such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba? There’s an argument that it isn’t.

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  1. What’s it Gonna Be Big Apple
    Yes or No
    You gonna Dicktate Apple?
    You gonna Slaver?

    Watch ya gonna do Apple?
    Which Way you gonna go?

    Money or People

    What’s it gonna be boys.
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  2. Don’t worry about it.

    Soon, the CCP will attack Taiwan to distract & rally the people against a foreign threat. (poor Apple & Taiwan Semiconductor)

    It Worked for the Western “democracies” with the Ukraine.

  3. If the NYT is highlighting the gov’t protests it is because they want the world to see what happens to gov’t protesters.

  4. Anti-government riots like this were a common sight in China back in the mid-70’s when I was an imagery interpreter for the Air Force. The imagery from the Gambit-3 satellite was so good, you could count each person. We had a unique and very accurate way to estimate the crowd size quickly. Crowds of 500,000 were not unusual. The CCP has always been at war with the Chinese people. The CCP doesn’t hesitate to slaughter thousands to put down the riots. Part of our task was to locate the mass graves in the countryside where they were taken in the aftermath of riots. Mass graves have always been big business in China. The CCP sucks!

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